Birthday sweekend.

Isn’t it like a gift in itself when a birthday falls on Saturday?  It’s like Pope Gregory XIII {of the Gregorian calendar, you know} himself hands you the day, all wrapped up in a pretty bow, and says, “Here you go…this one’s on me.”


My birthday was splendid.  I started the day by unwrapping my gift from Kevin.

He has gone and done it again, folks.  In 2012, he sent us to Denver to see Wicked.  In 2013, we went to Phoenix to see Brian Regan perform.  And in March 2014, we’ll be jetting up to Denver to laugh ourselves silly at a Jim Gaffigan show.  I’m really, really excited.

My mom and sister were in town for most of the weekend, so we went shopping on Saturday morning.  Then my sister went to a college basketball game, and my mom, Kevin, and I spent a relaxing afternoon reading and watching football and napping.  That night Kevin took my mom and I to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, where I had the best lobster ravioli in the whole wide world.


Top Left:  I had some help unwrapping my gift.

Top Right:  Lobster ravioli – the bessssst.

Bottom Left:  Fun fact – I made my mom miss Dallas on January 4 of ’85.
Hopefully she caught a rerun.

Bottom Right:  My first birthday as a married lady. 

Sunday morning brought the normal breakfast with my aunts, uncles, and cousins, aka “the breakfast crew,” with my mom and sister in attendance as well.

Then it was a good thing that Kevin and I had eaten the most important meal – we needed to keep our strength up for spa day.  Massages, hot tubs, steam rooms, and saunas really drain the energy.  Good thing we had time in the afternoon to take a nap.

And then it was time for more food.  My sweet in-laws hosted us and my great aunt for a lovely dinner of tortellini, pesto, chicken, and homemade chocolate cake.  The food – the company – the gifts – it was all absolutely perfect.


Top Left: A little piece of paradise in the form of a massage table.

Top Right: Feet up, mellow spa music playing, and scented candles flickering – not bad at all.

Bottom Left: Bailey dressed in his finest for the occasion. 

Bottom Right: Smile!  Then eat cake.

It was a wonderful weekend to turn 29.

What is your favorite birthday tradition?  Tell me about your most memorable birthday.


9 thoughts on “Birthday sweekend.

  1. Wow that sounds like the perfect birthday weekend! My birthday has fallen on the weekend the past 2 years so this year I’m back to Monday boo :( Have a great time at Jim Gaffigan!! I think he is hilarious. Can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. That sounds like THE best birthday EVER! (I’ve never had lobster ravioli, and so I kind of think that it needs to go on my bucket list. Ha, ha. I really, really want to try it!). And I LOVE Jim Gaffigan, so I am so excited to hear all about how you like the show!! :)

  3. Awesome birthday weekend, indeed! I would do anything for a spa day, birthday or not! So happy that you got to enjoy every moment with the people you love. You deserve it!!! xo

  4. That sounds like my kind of birthday! I wouldn’t mind a spa day when I turn 29! And I know this has nothing to do with anything, but I am completely enchanted by that giant poodle that keeps showing up in your blog–he is really cool (and always dressed to impress!).

    On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 12:33 PM, A Desert Girl

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