One word: WOW.

You all are so unbelievably cool.  Thank you for all of the sweet comments and birthday wishes on my previous post.  I was already excited to start checking things off the 30 by 30 list and your enthusiasm and support just made me that much MORE excited.  So thank you.  For that and for each of the comments you leave.  I really, really love it and I adore all of you.

And here are two cat videos, because I know you’re curious about what Kiki and Flo have been up to lately.

We obviously run a tight ship around here.

No fun allowed.  No fun at all.

Except when Kiki rediscovered drinking water straight from the tap, and Flo reintroduced her claws to the chair. Those are good times.

If you have pets, do you spend far too much time videoing or photographing their everyday moments like I do?


5 thoughts on “One word: WOW.

  1. Oreo drinks out of the faucet too! Though he can’t reach the sink so instead he hops in the bath tub and waits until one of us notices and turns the faucet on for him. ;) And I am pretty sure there is no question whether or not I spend too much time filming and photographing my pup, haha! I had the day off today and have sent Christopher three different picture texts of our dog, lol!

  2. I missed your birthday (darn midterms!), but I hope you had a marvelous day! I hope your family treated you like the queen that you are! You are such a lovely woman and someone I look up to! I’m so glad you were born! :) xx

  3. The Fonz (Kiki’s twin) likes drinking running water, too, but not from the tap. He always shows an interest in our drinking glasses and water bottles, so my husband poked a tiny hole in the cap on a plastic water bottle, and turned it upside-down, and just like we expected…The Fonz started drinking out of it like a little hamster. :-) Somehow I don’t have a picture or video of this yet! Fonzie generally gets really grumpy and un-photogenic when he sees me getting out the camera–he doesn’t want me ruining his bad boy image. But YOUR cats are ADORABLE! :-D

  4. Before Jude, I took a ridiculous amount of photos and videos of Harry and Aggie. Sadly, they don’t get as much lens time anymore. But they are still my babies, and I love them like mad!

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