30 by 30.


Today is my birthday.  I LOVE that my birthday follows shortly after the fresh start of a new year.  I feel like it gives me the chance to hit the reset button not only on the calendar but also on ME in a way that is really significant – in a way that I can put a number to.  “At x-age THIS is what I’m going to be.”

And it extends the holiday season for a few days too.  That’s right – in my world, ‘holiday season’ stretches from Thanksgiving to January 4.

Today I turn 29.  And you know what that means – it’s my turn to jump on the 30-by-30 bandwagon. Any excuse to make a list, you know.

My list – it is a regular smorgasbord of the old and the new. A mix of things that I have done before (and want to do again) AND brand-new-experience kind of stuff. Because that’s where I’m at as I turn 29 – reflecting on the past AND looking to the future. Appreciating where I’ve been AND anticipating where I want to go.

1. Find a flattering (key word) red lipstick.

2. Sit at a floor table for dinner at Pars (a Greek restaurant).

3. Buy a designer purse for myself.

4. Fund IRA for year.

5. Plan and execute a surprise date.

6. 52 hours of volunteer work.

7. Read 24 books.

8. Take Kevin to an OK State football game.

9. Send 24 just-because letters or gifts to friends.

10. Go on a blate – with a blog friend that I have not yet met in person.

11. Complete the Photo-A-Day challenge following Fat Mum Slim’s prompts.

12. Run a 5K.

13. Host a murder mystery dinner party.

14. Visit the Grand Canyon.

15. Weekend trip with my mom and sister.

16. Attend three theatre events or concerts.

17. Attend one of Meta’s weekend yoga retreats OR attend one yoga class a day for seven consecutive days {just in case the weekend retreat options don’t work out}.

18. Take a train ride.

19. Spend a morning shooting guns (including the one I inherited from my dad) with my friend Tom C.

20. Take a dance class.

21. Go see Vanilla Pop play.

22. Cook 15 new recipes.

23. Go on twelve date nights.

24. Enroll in a continuing education class.

25. Send twelve More Love Letters notes.

26. Take tea in a tearoom – topped off (haha!) with a fancy hat, naturally.

27. Journal at least once a week for 52 weeks.

28. Assemble a framed travel map.

29. Attend a festival. (Jazz Fest, Lavender Fest, etc. – whatever I happen to stumble into.  The sky’s the limit when it comes to fest-ing.)

30. Explore a city I’ve never visited before.

I’ll post progress updates quarterly and blog about some of the activities along the way.

Do you like lists?  How do you make the most of a milestone year?


16 thoughts on “30 by 30.

  1. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a wonderful day :) I looove lists! I can’t wait to see your updates! If I could get a designer purse, I’d get a Michael Kors!

  2. …and macaroni does love cheese.
    and Happy Birthday, wonderful Amy. Your posts make me smile and I appreciate that. I hope I get to see you for breakfast tomorrow but if not, please accept a virtual hug from me.
    You’ve inspired me for a list for myself…a 60 x 60! That’s a lot o list, but I’ll have two years on my birthday in March, so seems like a fair equivalent.
    Hope your day was sweet, I’ll bet it was.
    Love, Meta.

  3. Oh, and I’m happy a workshop with Meta was on the list. I’m pretty sure there will be one in September at Ghost Ranch. But perhaps also locally….I’ll keep you posted.

  4. Happy, happy, HAPPY birthday birthday, my bloggy friend! :) I am in love with your list, and I can’t wait to read about how you check them each off one by one!!

  5. Happy, happy birthday!! What a wonderful list! I look forward to reading about all these things and more. I hope you had the happiest birthday, and I wish you every good thing in the year to come!!!! xo

  6. This is a great list! I’m turning 29 later this year, too….GAH! I should consider also making a list. I feel like every year I also try to visit (usually a HANDFUL) of new cities that I’ve never seen before. I also really like your “love letters” item on the list, though I’m not sure what the capitalization means…is it a particular kind of love letter? I heard a lady on the radio call in and say that for nearly every day in 2013, she wrote a short entry in a journal reflecting on something nice that her husband had done for her that day, or something that she just really loved/appreciated about him. At the end of the year, she presented the journal to him as a (really romantic!) surprise gift. She also said that it helped change her attitude over the course of the year. On days when she was feeling less-than-pleasant towards him, she was forcing herself to focus on the positive and not on the negative, which really helped their marriage. I’d like to try to do something like that for my husband this year! :-D

  7. I love this and I can’t wait to read/hear about your adventures! Hope you’re 29th year is amazing, friend!

    Oh, and I think Bobbi Brown’s Hollywood Red or MAC’s Ladybug might look really good on you :)

  8. Happy Birthday, Amy! I love lists…I make one almost every single day whether it is a to-do or a to buy or a to wish list. :)

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  10. Happy (belated) birthday! This is such a lovely list! I like that you’re allowing yourself to do things that you’ve done before and want to do again. I think that is so awesome!!

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