This weekend packed to the brim with social stuff started out with a bang.  I have three favorite items of clothing: sequin shorts, a $3 Humbug shirt from Target, and my snow leopard print cape.  An unlikely trio, but I decided to play it crazy for my company Christmas party on Friday night.


We took advantage of the photo booth at the party.  My favorite is the middle pic – Kevin’s royal look is stellar.


Saturday morning included brunch at Farm and Table, a place that builds their seasonally varied menu around locally sourced ingredients.  Delicious food in a cozy atmosphere with two very wonderful friends = the perfect way to start the day.

After brunch, Kevin faced the chaos to finish up his Christmas shopping and I wrapped gifts at home, a classical Christmas Pandora station fueling the festivity.  We took a nap in the afternoon before getting ready for Christmas party number 2 of the weekend.  This one – Junior League related – was at a local Mexican food restaurant.


After all that food, we managed to drag ourselves to the gym on Sunday morning.  Followed by more food.  We met up with Kevin’s parents at their house for a spaghetti lunch and then coffee at Starbucks.

The final event of the weekend was a wedding.  At perhaps the most heartfelt and genuine wedding I have ever attended, my aunt married her partner of 33 years, surrounded by their closest family and friends.  There were warm luminarias lighting the path, garland and white lights artfully arranged on the back patio, and beaming people celebrating the happy occasion.  Meaningful songs were shared and a slideshow of pictures kept us alternatively crying and laughing.  It was beautiful and Kevin and I were so honored to be there.

How was your weekend?  Did you do some Christmas shopping?  Attend any parties?


9 thoughts on “Sweekend.

  1. Your photobooth pictures are definitely fabulous! Kevin does have that posh look down. Did I tell you that recently Christopher ordered something that was delivered to his office address to “Lord Christopher”? I’m not even kidding. When he clicked on the title option on the shipping page he saw the classic “Mr., Mrs., etc” but he saw that “Lord” was an option, you better believe he chose it. He’s a goofball that guy.

    Also, I know I already liked it on Facebook, but I love the shot of you guys at the Mexican restaurant! You two are such pretty people. :)

    And finally, congratulations to your aunt. :)

  2. MAYBE by the time I get to a Target in the new year…. That HUMBUG shirt will be on sale ($1 bin?? AH HA HA) – WISHFUL THINKING that it will even be around anymore (I won’t see a Target until Jan 9th!) – I would sport that BAD BOY year round!! :D

    Merry XMAS!

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