Who wore it better?

I give you the tacky Christmas sweater face off that went down in our household….


Same sweater, but who wore it better?  I personally like the fitted look that Kevin has going on here.  But don’t my black cords really dress up the look and take it to the next level?  What do you think?

And the competition doesn’t end there in our casa.  No sirree…the girls have a little friendly battle-of-the-sweater going too with their matching Christmas jumpers.


I can’t possibly choose a favorite between the two.  They are both lovely in their homemade – er, home-drawn – sweaters.

What’s your finest item of Christmas themed attire?


11 thoughts on “Who wore it better?

  1. Omg! I’m dying laughing! I thought Kevin was funny crammed in that sweater…then I see the cats…I’m going to have to give it to Kiki. Your art skills are killing me. Funniest post ever. Love you. Love the sweater.

  2. hahaha if Kevin had painted his nails (or more likely, you had painted his nails), I would say he easily won that contest. But I’m giving it to you for the festive color!

  3. Hahaha! The cats’ “sweaters” crack me up. Oreo said to tell them to be grateful that you don’t put them in real sweaters like his mom does. ;) What can I say? Christmas jammies on my pup are adorable! ;)

    Also, I love that you guys are both wearing the same sweater! Not only is that something Christopher and I would do… it’s something we’ve done! ;) I think you look better in the sweater, but Kevin’s shot makes me laugh more. So… call it a tie? ;)

  4. That’s awesome! Kevin definitely looks more hipster-esque, while you have the casual chic look rocking. The cats, though, are definitely both winners!

  5. Oh, I was sure I had an answer until I scrolled down and saw the cats!! I laughed to myself as I wondered whether you–at any point–considered trying to get the sweater on the cats before coming up with a clever alternative. I know that if it were me, I might have entertained it for a good thirty seconds before realizing just how terrible an idea it would be.

  6. YOU WIN!! I think you look adorable. Kevin does take the award for comical though. THOSE CATS OMG hahahaha I love that you drew sweaters on them, that is totally something I would have done.

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