Football fairytale.

Once upon a time, a Broncos fan celebrated his 30th birthday.


His fairy godparents – oh wait, those were his actual parents – decided to gift this birthday boy with four tickets to Sports Authority Field at Mile High to see the Denver Broncos take on the Tennessee Titans.  He generously decided to invite along his wife (that’s me) and those fine parents to use three of the tickets.

The cruel winter weather fairy placed a bitterly cold spell on the weekend – the Fahrenheit high topped out in the teens.  Teeth chattering, we hustled our way to REI to stock up on some gear.


The coffee lovers also stumbled across a pot of gold in the form of a Clover machine at the attached Starbucks.

The following day we escaped to Paris.  At the Denver Art Museum, that is.  The Passport to Paris exhibit showcases three distinct areas:  Court to Café, Nature as Muse, and Drawing Room.  The featured French art dates from the late 1600’s to the early 1900’s, and includes an audio tour through Court to Café.  The information shared through the audio tour is fascinating and allows even the most unknowledgeable eye to learn about and appreciate the pieces.

Prior to the show, lunch was taken at the most delightful French restaurant, Le Central, in Denver.  Request a table on the patio, and get very excited for the individual baguettes served to each patron.  You won’t go wrong by choosing any of the mussel options or the Croque Madam.


After the Passport to Paris show (and a nap), it was time for dinner.  The Chophouse is a steak-and-atmosphere lover’s dream come true.  A hidden gem in the menu, though, is the onion soup.  Rich and warm and ohhhhh so good.  Perfect for a cold night.


Sunday was cold (around 13 degrees F), but sunny.  It was time for some football.


On her:

  • three pairs of leggings
  • jeans
  • wool socks
  • Bearpaw fuzzy boots
  • two undershirts
  • Broncos t-shirt
  • scarf
  • Bronco football themed nails (see below)
  • not pictured:  hand and toe warmers


A wonderful family friend showed herself to be a true hero when she transported our group to a light rail station and loaded us down with blankets, stadium approved bags, and well wishes.

Really, much to my own surprise, I stayed pretty warm!  The feet proved to be the hardest to keep comfortable.  It was a good game, great company, and a Bronco victory.  Peyton Manning is very fun to watch.



Obviously my eyes are closed because I am praying for a heat wave.





The fire was warmly welcomed with each touchdown!

AND a record distance field goal was kicked by Broncos kicker, Matt Prater, at the end of the first half.  64 yards!  It was amazing!  The kicker is my favorite on any football team.  Games are won and lost by kickers, in my (completely uneducated) opinion.

We trudged on frozen feet back to the light rail and traveled two stops {which felt like an eternity because between the bitter cold and the hot chocolate I had guzzled at the game, it was all I could do to keep my bladder from exploding}, where our knightess in a shining Subaru was waiting to whisk us off to pizza and a warm condo.

With full bellies and dreams of wool socks and field goals dancing in their heads, everyone slept well and tight until it was morn and time to catch a flight.  The end.

If you follow football, what’s your favorite position or player?  How do you stay warm when the temperatures are cold? 


10 thoughts on “Football fairytale.

  1. I’m not a huge football fan, but I do like Drew Brees. Also, I live in Texas, so the cold really isn’t an issue. Now how to stay cool in the summer? That is a conundrum.

  2. LOVE the nails! And oh man… you really bundled up for the game! Glad you stayed warm, though :) I like the kicker, too. When I was a cheerleader, I always thought it was funny how the kickers wore little booties on the sidelines to keep their feet warm :)

  3. Those face masks are amazing! I need one of those! Also, I love that you are wearing three pairs of leggings under your pants because I have totally done that too! And probably in less cold situations than you were in, haha! By the way, your nails look great! :)

  4. In my (98% uneducated) opinion, you are right about the kickers. Did you see the end of that Alabama/Auburn game a few weeks ago? Totally lost by a kicker.

    Look at me talking football…

    Sounds like an amazing weekend despite the cold! I admire you guys’ fortitude in withstanding the frigid temps. When it gets cold, I hide anywhere I can!

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