‘Tis the season.

It’s too easy to wake up tired during the holiday season.  The pressure of finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list.  The crowds and the noise.  The unpredictable weather and the early setting sun.  The normally tight budget loosens its belt as much as possible…and so do we with real belts, making room for food…food…everywhere food.  The everyday normalcy – bills, frozen pipes, grocery shopping, etc. – that taps its foot impatiently, demanding attention and offering no sympathy for the added holiday stress.

It’s overwhelming.  A whirlwind of emotion and gift wrap and parties and…stuff.  It’s enough to make a girl crawl in a box and hide.


That’s not what it’s all supposed to be about.  We all know it – it’s just hard to avoid getting caught up in the chaos.

A few things have helped me stay grounded during the holiday season this year.

First, my friend Janelle.  Her dedication to a 25 Days of Giving project is inspiring.  Check out her blog hereI recommend starting with this post, which lists 75 (count ’em) ideas that revolve around giving.

Second, this video about 100 people who thought they were taking a normal flight…and landed to find their Christmas wishes waiting for them.  Watch it.  It’s magical and it made me smile and cry at the same time.

Third, so many of YOU out there who have posted about Christmas decoration adventures, inspirational verses, and just overall positivity.

As December 25 fast approaches (12 shopping days ’til Christmas whatttt…), I’ll be seeking the good that comes with this season of real, living love. And if I must hide from the chaos, I’ll find a wreath so I can at least stop and smell the pine needles.


What inspires you and keeps you grounded during the holiday season?


10 thoughts on “‘Tis the season.

  1. You said it perfectly. I think I’ve started every one of my videos this week with “I’ve got a busy day” or “I’m tired already”…haha! I teared up at that airline video. Also, I’ve been watching people giving back or standing up for what’s right on YouTube. I watched What Would You Do videos as well as this guy called Stuart Edge. You should watch his Pizza Tip video. It will make you tear up as well!

  2. This time of year is crazy! Thank goodness I start Christmas shopping in October! I think the only thing that keeps my head from popping off is all the Christmas movies and of course looking at my pretty tree. If only it were cool to leave up a Christmas tree all year long.

  3. That video is so sweet!

    It is SO hard to stay grounded this time of year with finals and shopping and baking and getting over colds and…oh! Thanks for reminding me that I need to get centered!

    Jude and I had a snow day on Tuesday, and it was the best day of the month so far. I cleaned out the pantry (weirdly comforting), got laundry done, and then we built a snowman and just had a calm and peaceful day. I’ll have to make it a point to do that more, with or without the snow!

  4. Hahah… stop and smell the pine needles! I love that.

    I stay sane by trying to always remember “the reason for the season.” I’m not always successful, but I try my very best! I love re-reading the story of Jesus’ birth in Matthew and Luke. It makes me so happy and excited for Christmas!

  5. This time of year is crazy busy! And I have finals this week! Ah the struggles of high school. I need to stop and smell the pine needles! That’s a quote I need to frame and keep somewhere I see everyday!

  6. Oh my gosh—that video almost had me in tears. What a great thing that airline did. If they flew here, I’d use them only now until forever! You know, unless they tried to crash my plane in which case they would be on my no-fly list with American Airlines. And that 25 days of giving?!? I wish that I had gotten to the party sooner because I just think it’s a perfect idea!

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