30 things and 30 years.

Someone I know turns 30 today.  I’ll give you a couple clues – he lives in the same house as me, and he is my absolute favorite person.

Considering that there is only one he in my house, this should have been a pretty easy riddle.  My handsome husband is the birthday boy!

In celebration of a new decade, here are 30 of my favorite things about him.  It is possible to have 30+ favorites about this guy.  Really, the favorites never end.


1. His green eyes. I’ve always been a sucker for green eyes. And his are top-notch.

2. His calm temperament. He’s never rattled.  I have never heard him yell or raise his voice.

3. His patience. This guy has the patience of Job, I’m telling you.

4. His willingness to play photographer for me.  Outfits, food, cats – he’s never too busy to snap a few pics.

5. The sound of his laugh.  It’s genuine and full and rich and beautiful.

6. How hard he works…

7. …and yet, the way he balances billable hour requirements and his personal time.  He is a master of discipline and structure and does not allow himself to be consumed by his job.

8. His love of football.  He knows pretty much everything about the game and will always answer my questions (see above – patient) even when I ask them at critical points, like with two seconds remaining in a tie game with the ball on the one yard line.  A football purist, this is a guy who opposes domes – football should be played in the elements.  Even when the elements are cold or wet or dirty.

9. How he adores Kiki and Flo. A great cat-dad he is.  And it’s clear how much he loves those four legged critters.

10. He asks how my day is…and he then he listens.

11. He opens my car door.

12. He drives when we go anywhere together.

13. His open mind. He is accepting and kind, even if he doesn’t share a belief or opinion.

14. His intelligence.  He reads the Wall Street Journal every morning.  For fun.  He reads books that are larger than my head.

15. The way he kisses my forehead. In just the right spot.  Every time.

16. His sense of humor.  The guy is witty.  He makes me laugh a lot.

17. His core character demonstrates empathy and compassion.

18. He has formed his own opinions based on extensive research (he is the king of research), and he will stand up for what he believes, eloquently debating his side.  But he’ll listen to your side too.

19. Inside jokes.  I love how we can exchange the slightest of glances in a crowded room and appreciate a particular comment in the same way. 

20. He is a good friend.  Just ask any of his friends.  He’s the kind that help you move and who donate to your food drive and who pays attention to what’s going on with you.

21. He shows appreciation.  “Thank you” is a common phrase to pass his lips, even for the little things.

22. He is supportive.  If I said that I wanted to take up underwater basket weaving, he’d be on my side.  He may not understand…but he’d be pro-Amy.

23. He has a great sense and eye for color, furnishings, and wall hangings.  Confession: I became completely bored with the selecting-of-the-paint colors when we bought the new house.  It was all him.

24. He is a man’s man- and secure enough in himself and his manliness to accompany me to tea at the Empress.

25. He wears a mean blue and white striped shirt.  I tease him about the countless seemingly identical shirts hanging in his closet, but really I appreciate his classic sense of style.  And the fact that he will never wear skinny jeans.

26. His responsible nature.  Together, we won’t win any couples gone wild contests, but we fit each other perfectly.

27. How close he is to his parents and how warmly he has welcomed my family into his life.

28. He doesn’t play video games. I’m pretty anti-video game and I am really glad that he doesn’t spend hours glued to some imaginary world.

29. He lets me be me.  Even when I wear strange outfit combinations or spontaneously burst into song as we’re falling asleep at night, he accepts it and accepts me. 

30. He loves me a lot.  A lot, a lot.  It’s clear and I am humbled and spoiled by the sheer volume of love that he brings to my world every single day.

 This list is just the teeniest-tiniest tip of the iceberg – the first 30 things that made their way from keyboard to screen.  He is amazing and I am completely inept at putting words together to describe how much he means to me. Happy birthday, Kevin – I love you!


10 thoughts on “30 things and 30 years.

  1. Since me getting into Kevin’s family is not possible, it’s obvious that you need to clone him. The world needs more Kevins!! Great man. Fantastic man. It’s disgusting how incredible he is :-P (haha I’m kidding. He’s awesome and I love it and you and how much he loves you!)

    So tomorrow, since it won’t be his birthday any more, you’re going to let us in on a few of his flaws, right? The guy HAS to have one, right? Maybe?! :)

    You two are very fortunate and I’m so happy for you! <3

  2. Oh my gracious, it sounds like you are describing my husband! I never realized how similar our husbands are until reading this! There are only three things on this list that aren’t things I would say about Christopher (for example: he likes football, but he’s more of a basketball guy). Even down the the ridiculous number of blue and white striped shirts in his closet, haha! I just love it! PLUS! Christopher’s birthday is on the 16th so they even share a birthday month! :) Happiest of birthdays to your sweet husband!

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