Jet plane couture.


The travel look. Grainy photo and groggy early-morning-flight eyes sold separately.

A successful day of traveling begins with the proper outfit and accessories. Regardless of the distance or the mode of transportation, it pays to be prepared. The scenery can be breathtaking, the food superb, and the company enlightening – but if I’m too cold or too hot or missing a key accessory, I’m likely distracted. Here’s what it takes for me to be a happy traveler.

  • Comfy clothes.  I profess my love for fleece lined leggings every time I wear them.  Naturally if I’m traveling in the summer, I would probably leave the fleece at home.  But that’s where regular leggings make it off the bench and into the game.  A cardigan or at minimum 3/4 length sleeves are a must for me, as I’m usually cold in airports.  And in the winter, there’s nothing better than a scarf.  For this particular trip I also wore a crocheted head wrap to keep my ears toasty from point A to point B.
  • Slip-on shoes.  Boots in the winter and flats in the summer.  I despise dealing with laces in the security line at the airport.  When I wear flats in the summer, I’ll usually stash a pair of socks in my purse because I also despise walking through the scanner completely barefoot.
  • Speaking of purses…  A cross-body purse is a must for me when I travel.  It keeps my hands and arms free, and it contributes to an added sense of security because I literally have my possessions on my body.
  • A book.  People watching is only entertaining for so long.  Then I’ll want to lose myself in a story while waiting at the gate or on the train or in the shuttle, etc.  It also helps pass the time during the actual in-the-air or on-the-road time.
  • Source of music and some earbuds/headphones.  Screaming kids, obnoxious cell phone talkers, and other loud chatters are abundant in any travel setting.  I like to have the option to drown them out.
  • On long flights or drives – one of those head/neck rest U-shaped pillows.   I listen to a sound machine each night, and the drone of a plane or car lulls me right to sleep like I’m tucked into my own bed.  And yes, I am one of those head-back-mouth-open-drooling kind of travel sleepers.  Go big or go home.  So attractive.
  • Chapstick.  I really really really dislike dry lips, so I keep chapstick handy at all times.
  • Mints or gum.  Stale travel mouth is no fun – for me or the people I’m traveling with!  Those airplane seats seem to be shrinking (or could it be my rear is growing?) and there’s a whole lotta air being shared.

I’m a little bit of a germaphobe, and sharing all that air makes me nervous.  Doing the following helps my peace of mind, if nothing else:

  • Drink a lot of water.  On travel days, I’ll ONLY drink water.  This is important especially when flying.  Soaring at 30,000 feet dries a person out pretty quickly.
  • Chug a tablet of Airborne each travel morning.
  • Don’t touch the escalator handrails.
  • Use a paper towel or tissue when opening doors.
  • Don’t forget the vitamins!  Pack enough for each day of travel.

In a nutshell, those are the little thoughts that flitter through my brain when I travel or prepare to travel. What are your travel musts?  Any tips or goods and products you can’t live without when you’re on the road or in the air? 


10 thoughts on “Jet plane couture.

  1. This is a great list, you obviously have the traveling routine all set! An absolute must for me is taking hand sanitizer. Not just for airplane travel, but for general life travel. When I lived in NYC, for the subway, now in London on the underground. I usually stock up on little Bath and Body Works ones. Always good to keep on hand. X

  2. We would be great travel buddies. I basically bring the exact same things and do the exact same things when traveling. One extra thing I might bring is a notebook or laptop in case of sudden inspiration or brainstorming, depending on whether I will need or have available an electric outlet.

  3. I wish I looked this adorable when traveling. Absolutely cute from head to toe!!

    I am also a huge germaphobe, especially whilst traveling. When I was visiting the Vatican, a man sneezed all over my back (I was wearing a sun dress). I still shudder to this day when I think of the germs!

  4. Oh man it’s like we’re twins! Like I Ghost-jumped inside your body and wrote this! Fuh-reaky!

    YES especially to music, chapstick, water, and a book. Don’t forget phone charger!

    Also just wanted to say that I love all your posts and I’m thankful you share your life with us. You’re so positive and happy about the little things in life. I so appreciate you spreading that across the interwebs. You’re the best!

  5. Your outfit is so cute! I have two questions: where are you traveling and where did you get your leggings? I need some more fleece in my life–especially in the form of leggings :D

    • Thank you!
      Answer 1: We were headed to Denver when this picture was taken last week.
      Answer 2: I ordered my leggings from Amazon! There are a ton of options. I went with the “Yelete Women’s Seamless Kermo Fleece Legging”. I highly recommend them! They are sooooo deliciously comfy.

  6. You are just the cutest. I love this outfit because it’s super cute PLUS comfy! We have all the same travel musts! I love this! For me comfy clothes are one of the most important things for trips! By the way, where did you get your fleece lined leggings?

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