The hot seat.

Every so often, it’s wise to ask questions of your significant other – rapid fire style – just to keep them on their toes.

Mal (Mal Smiles) and Stephanie (Never The Same Spice Twice) are even kind enough to provide the questions.

Never The Same Spice Twice

Let’s see what Kevin had to say.


1. Who is your favorite band/musician?

Tough choice. I have two favorites (if that’s allowed), Tracy Lawrence and George Strait.  {I’ll allow two answers.  We’re rule breakers around here, I-tell-you-what.}

2. What was your first CD/tape?

I distinctly remember getting New Kids on the Block and Kris Kross tapes, but I don’t remember which I got first. I also think there was a Vanilla Ice tape around the same time. Yeah, I was pretty street.


Listening to a street tune after the Hot Chocolate Run…

3. Who was your first concert?

I went to see Bush in 7th grade – great concert.

4. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Stuffing, hands down.

5. Finish the sentence: I am thankful for…

…having such an amazing, supportive wife and family and for the many opportunities I’ve been blessed to receive that have gotten me to where I am today.


We’re that couple who argues about which of us is luckier.  Clearly, it’s me.  Exhibit A: I came home exhausted last night after a 12+ hour day at the office {I shake my fist at you, open enrollment season} and found him preparing a hearty dinner of pork chops, quinoa, and Brussels sprouts.  And there was an empty dirty laundry hamper with clothes churning in the washer and dryer.  I definitely married up.

How would your significant other respond to the above questions?  And you – what are your answers? 


9 thoughts on “The hot seat.

  1. You guys are disgustingly cute. Seriously. You both married up. Is that possible? Maybe you together is better than you apart, which I think is the point, right? And you have to be careful doing these kind of rapid fire question games without Phoebe’s supervision, you know!

  2. awh! you two are so sweet! you seem like a really lucky girl! and there’s nothing wrong with being that cheesy couple who argues over who’s luckier or who loves who more….we’re that way too haha :)

  3. Stopping over from the Boys Behind the Blog link up! Yours was posted right after mine :p
    I love the ” I am thankful for…” response the most. I too feel incredibly blessed beyond what I deserve!!! I loved reading :)
    Elicia @ lifesajournee

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