A celebration of magnificent proportions.

My college roomie and best friend recently turned 30.  And what better way to celebrate a new decade than to gather up 8 of your nearest and dearest ladies for a weekend of festivities.

I jetted into Austin on Friday morning and met up with Kristin, Rozann, and Joy at the airport.  A quick game of suitcase-Tetris, a Starbucks stop, and the Soul Sistas {the rental car was a Kia Soul} hit the open road to College Station, home of Texas A&M and the birthday girl.  A few hours later, part two of the party crew arrived – Sara, Lyndse, and Brittany.

We dressed in our best and headed to dinner at La Bodega – which is famous for its tacos and lived up to the fame.  My shrimp tacos were dy-na-mite.  Toward the end of the meal, Tiff asked apprehensively if we’d like to go out after dinner, and there was a resounding chorus of nolet’sjustgohomeandchill.  To which she responded, “Whew – thank God.”

So that’s just what we did.

The next morning a few of the crazy ones (ahem – TiffSaraRozann) got up to run at some ridiculous hour.  The rest of us stumbled our way out of slumber one by one and by 8:30 everyone was ready for breakfast.  Tacos, again (score) which were delicious.

Then we caravanned to Austin to drop off the Soul and meet a shuttle bus which chauffeured us to the university for the football game.  We also met up with Emily, Tiff’s sweet cousin.  The Oklahoma State Cowboys wrangled themselves some Texas Longhorns and our seats were on the shaded side of stadium.  I’d call that a win-win.

We dined in style at California Pizza Kitchen.  Carb city and it was perfection.  Then it was off to the hotel.  Despite valiant efforts, nothing could be done for one of the pull-outs sofa mattress and its springy-springiness, but we took it in stride and everyone survived the night just fine.

Sunday morning, Sara and Lyndse started their drive back to Oklahoma dark and early; Rozann, Tiff, and Brittany went to Mass; and Joy, Kristin, and I enjoyed a continental breakfast – complete with Texas shaped waffles.  Finally, Tiff began shuttling us to the airport.

A few things were crystal clear over the course of the weekend.

1. Turning 30 is quite grown up and is not to be confused with a wild-and-crazy-20-something celebration.

  • Naps.  We were all in favor of them and a bit disappointed that they simply didn’t happen on Friday or Saturday. You better believe I napped on the plane coming home Sunday.
  • Minimal drinking.  Combined amongst the 8 of us, there was probably a grand total of 15 (and that’s likely an exaggeration) alcoholic beverages consumed across the weekend. Things such as pregnancy and chronic heartburn were preventing factors.
  • You know you’re 30ish-and-not-21ish when the topics of conversation focus on diet cleanses — engagement stories and predictions — wedding plans — comfortable clothing and shoe decisions — dishwashing and laundry detergent preferences.  Thirtieth birthdays are overflowing with the ‘remember when’ stories that happened in your twenties – and that’s exactly how it should be.
  • Home by 10:30 each evening and everyone asleep by midnight.

2. University of Texas fans as a whole are quite nice.

  • We were wearing the “wrong” shade of orange for the area we sat in at the stadium, but people were friendly.
  • It probably didn’t hurt that we were a pack of 9 girls wearing matching shirts that proclaimed we were celebrating Tiff’s 30 birthday.  #shesawomanshes30 {If you haven’t seen the Gundy video when he’s defending one of his players and says, “You want to pick on someone, you pick on me.  I’m a man!  I’m 40,” then that hashtag won’t make much sense.  But let me assure you, we got a few laughs from the football fans.}
  • And it was an Oklahoma State victory, so that’s a good day, any day.

3. Tiff’s friends are a testament to the wonderful and warm person she herself is.

  • We come from various phases of Tiff’s life – high school friends, college friends, work friends, family.  And there was at least one person that every single attendee hadn’t met. {Although Facebook and the blogosphere made us all feel like fast, old friends.} But we all got on splendidly and it was simply the best time.
  • There was so much laughter and bonding and joking around.  But there were also serious conversations about loss and love and religion.  It was like a girl’s retreat.  And the question has already been posed – who turns 30 next??  My thought is that we should have annual 30th birthday celebrations, even when 30 has long since passed.
  • One of my favorite events is when Tiff was gifted with a Pandora bracelet filled with charms that each of us and other close family members and friends had contributed.  It was fun to hear why people had chosen the charms that they chose.

Happy birthday, Tiff!  Thanks for organizing such a friend-filled weekend – I know we all loved celebrating you.

Also, I ate tacos three meals in a row.  So that’s a good time.

What’s your idea of the best possible birthday celebration? 


6 thoughts on “A celebration of magnificent proportions.

  1. It was the best birthday ever. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. I loved ever minute of it, even us being too old to go out and chronic heartburn nixing my love for Seven and Seven. And the bracelet was absolutely perfect. You are the best friend in the world! Oh, do you have a picture of me opening the present? If so, I’ll use it on my blog if you text it to me!

  2. I love Austin! Such a great food and drinking city. I was there for a bachelorette party in April, though despite that almost all of us were already 30, we still seem to think we can drink like we are 21. But man oh man, do we pay the price the next day….

  3. You guys look and sound like such a fun crowd! Tacos! Sequined shorts! Football! Glad you had a good weekend away :) It’s funny how the friend gatherings change. I went to Las Cruces recently to see an old roommate, and after seeing all the sights (in half a day), we spent the rest of the time watching youtube videos and Gossip Girl. It was the best.

  4. How fun! And you were even in my neck of the woods (actually, I have no idea where College Station is, being that I’m not originally from here)! Sounds like a great way to usher in 30!

  5. This makes 30 look pretty dang good!

    I am totally the person who gets up first in a group. Then you get the bathroom all to yourself! (At home though… waaay different story).

    Exciting weekend and I’m happy you loved it! Happy Birthday Tiff!

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