Current obsessions.

I’m obsessed.  Really, I simply can’t get enough.

Model Co. lip gloss in Showgirl Red.  There’s even a mirror on the tube.  Now if that’s not the perfect combination of fun and practical, I don’t know what is.


Mint.  Whether it’s in the form of herbal tea or an add-in to my hot chocolate, I am loving mint.  It provides a real holiday season kick in the tastebuds, yes?

Random gifts from friends. Like Elphaba here.  She supervises my work, thanks to Derek, who found her brooming around McDonald’s a few weeks ago.  A glance at her, and I have a smile on my face and a Wicked show tune in my head and heart.


Catching Fire. Again.  I think this is the third time I’ve flown through the page-turner.  Naturally, I had to prepare for the upcoming movie release.  And in other Hunger Game news, Kevin just finished reading the first book in the series, simply because I am a world champion pester-er.  I finally guilted him into it with a pleading, “It would make me so happy.”  He liked it.  The book, I mean.  Not my pestering and pleading.  And now he’s starting in on the second book in the trilogy – and he’s enjoying it.  Ahhh, love – making husbands read young adult fiction about dystopian societies since the beginning of pestering and/or pleading.

Scarves. Around my neck, around my waist, around my head.  I’m loving them!



Gym with friends. Feel the burn.  It still hurts to move, but at least I have company.


What are you obsessing over?


5 thoughts on “Current obsessions.

  1. Your whole Catching Fire paragraph cracked me up! I’m trying desperately not to be obsessed with Christmas, but I started humming a Christmas carol this morning and thought, “so it begins…” :)

  2. Haha! My husband won’t read fiction for anything. ;) But he loves hearing the stories summarized so I normally fill him in on whatever story line I am currently reading. ;)

    And what a brilliant idea to have a mirror on the lipstick tube!

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