My flying solo dinner.

At least a few times a month, Kevin or I have an event after work which requires the other person to dine solo at home.  Kevin usually does something manly involving beef and grill marks for his dinner.  And I – nine times out of ten – default to pasta.

Last night I whipped up some penne alfredo with spinach.  Here’s what I did…  It was all quite scientific – or not.



  • pasta
  • butter
  • cream
  • parmesan
  • red pepper flakes
  • spinach

In a medium saucepan, I boiled some water.  Once at a rolling boil, I poured in some pasta and started in on some sauce while the pasta cooked.

In a medium sauté pan, I melted a tablespoon or so of butter and then poured enough cream to cover the bottom of the pan.  After the cream was heated and little bubbles were forming on the edges, I added a handful of grated parmesan and stirred constantly as it melted into the cream.  This thickens the sauce up a bit, and then I turned off the burner.  I added red pepper flakes for a little heat.

Simultaneously, I managed to keep the white cat from jumping up into the spice cabinet.  So she said, “Fine, I prefer to jump on top of the fridge anyway.”  And she did.

By this time, my pasta was al dente, so I strained out the water and put the pasta back in the saucepan.  I then added three heaping handfuls of fresh spinach to the hot, drained pasta.  I stirred the spinach into the pasta for a minute or two, until the spinach was beginning to wilt.  Then I poured the pasta and spinach into the sauté pan with the sauce and mixed it all together before transferring to a bowl and grabbing a fork.


Dinner was served!  PJ pants, fluffy red robe, a hearty dinner of cream, cheese, and carbs {and spinach, so it wasn’t all bad}, and the Big Bang Theory to keep me company – not too shabby for a solo dinner.

I’m linking up with Ashley at Let’s Get Bananas and Jessica at Blissfully Miller for a Taste of Tuesday.

What is your go-to dinner on those mellow evenings at home?


12 thoughts on “My flying solo dinner.

  1. I’m impressed…this sounds really good AND really easy, my two favorite things in cooking! Do you think I could use half and half instead of cream (I have some left over from another recipe I make.)

    • Unfortunately, mozzarella wouldn’t be a good substitution. Parmesan is a hard, aged cheese, and mozzarella is a softer, fresher cheese, so it would not melt properly in the cream. My hypothesis is that you would have a big gummy lump of cheese and cream.

      Now of course, I’ve never tried this, so I am not speaking from experience on this. it may be worth the experiment, but I don’t think it will work just based on the different characteristics of the cheeses.

      I think you should try to make it with parmesan and just don’t tell your husband that you used parmesan! Maybe he’ll like the flavor of the sauce and not be able to pinpoint that parmesan was used. :)

  2. I’m impressed that the sauce didn’t come from a jar! ha.

    My go-to solo meal is definitely scrambled eggs. Usually with mushrooms although sometimes broccoli, crab, or spinach too. mmmm!

  3. Oh goodness, that looks amazing. Like I seriously wish I could reach into my laptop right now and pull out that amazing pasta dish so that I could eat it for supper tonight. LOL!! As sad as this sounds, my solo dish is usually cereal or eggs! Ha, ha. I always feel like I HAVE to cook when I’m putting together a meal for me and the hubby; so if he’s away, I take a night off and usually eat something simple in front of the television. Ha, ha.

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