A bit of this, a bit of that.

Snapchat. There is a science to determining how long any given Snapchat should exist. A very fine line exists between allowing enough time to comprehend and appreciate a Snap and an over abundance of time that causes someone to release the Snap while the seconds continue to tick down.  (Because we do live in a society where looking at a still image for 10 seconds becomes boring – first world problems.)  The Snapchat videos are never long enough though.

Stripes.  Do you think I own enough shirts in stripes?


Over the weekend, I ate the following:

  • a chocolate red chile bacon donut
  • chocolate mousse with bacon sprinkled on top
  • orange chicken with bacon
  • brownie with caramel bacon sauce
  • ice cream with caramel bacon sauce

Obviously baconfest was in town. Complete with bacon coffee.


Don’t go bacon my heart….

I also had a pulled pork sandwich with pickles and peanut butter.  Not at baconfest.

And here are a few recent Insta’s, which are overwhelmingly centered around shoes and orange tights.






Snapchat, a closet shot, an assortment of unusual food combinations, and Instagram.  Random, check and check.

Tell me something random. 


5 thoughts on “A bit of this, a bit of that.

  1. That second to last shot is AMAZING! Seriously, I love it. Your eye make up, the cat ear… it’s just fabulous. :)

    Also, bacon fest?! I want to go to that! I will eat/drink pretty much anything bacon related. However, I did hear there was a new bacon deodorant out (http://www.jdfoods.net/products/getweird/powerbacon/). Yeaaah… I think I might draw the line there for me, haha! I like to eat bacon, but I’m not so sure I want to smell like bacon. ;)

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