Hello, Goodbye. {in vlog form}

I am linking up with Allison over at Nestful of Love for Hello, Goodbye.


And it’s my inaugural vlog.

This is take two.  The sweet little white cat that resides lets me live in HER house was VERY enthusiastic about vlogging and really wanted to make her presence known.  Therefore, take one of this vlog included a lot of cat butt – both in my face and the camera – as she paced back and forth, back and forth, on the desk between me and the camera.  It was cute.  And entertaining – probably far more entertaining than the video below.  But a little distracting.

So without further ado, here is a cat free (I locked her in the hallway for take two – sooooo rude of me) vlog discussing my hellos and goodbyes as we bid farewell to October and welcome in November.

What are you saying hello and goodbye on this first day of November?  Have you (or would you) ever vlogged? 


16 thoughts on “Hello, Goodbye. {in vlog form}

  1. Haha! This was not even mildly awkward! You did a great jog, friend! I LOVE scarves!! Your new one is so pretty! So sweet of your friend to bring that back for you. :) I am excited to see the new shorts on you. Take photos and share! :D We have some gerbera daisies that have been growing like crazy despite the colder weather. I’m loving it! I thought for sure they’d all be dead by now. Hooray for mutant flowers, haha! ;) Congratulations on your first vlog! :)

  2. What a good idea for a vlog!! I would have made a list too to keep myself on track haha. Love your scarf and how cool that it’s from South Africa. My friend studied in Italy for a semester and got me a purse. I feel cooler wearing it just knowing it’s from there haha.

  3. Love the vlog! Although cat butt never killed anyone, either. Say Hi to kitty for me. Can’t wait to see you in the shorts. They are super cute!

  4. Love it! You’re so not awkward, and I love that you used notes. I would so do the same!! And, you look great!!!

    I am saying hello to MID SEMESTER. Woohoooooooo! We are technically just over the hump, but starting in November, it becomes a race to the finish. I’m also saying hello to holiday shopping. YES!

    I’m saying goodbye to the flowers in my front yard (I’ll miss them terribly). I’m also saying goodbye to Jude’s teachers because he is transitioning into a new classroom. He’s been with one of his teachers for over a year now (she moved up a classroom with him last time), and it’s incredibly sad to leave her, but it’s exciting to see Jude grow and develop.

    Bring on November!

    • Yay. This was perfect for your first vlog! You are adorable and I loved seeing you in “person.” Fingers crossed for you that your cats stop being naughty and start scratching what they are supposed to!! Thanks for linking up Amy!

  5. You’re not awkward at all!! I made a vlog once… it was definitely awkward haha. It was about accents and pronunciation!

    And HELLO to scarves and tights!! YAY! I need to get rid of old clothes, too!

  6. You. Are. Precious. Seriously, love the vlog! You need to do it more often! Question: what kind of MAC foundation is that? I use the studio sculpt but have been wanting to try the mineralize and wondered if that’s what you used?

  7. This was great! And I think you can totally pull off sequined shorts without looking disco ball-esque.

    I am saying good-bye to 27 and hello to 28 in a couple weeks! And trying to be zen about it (that is the hard part).

  8. You are so cute. Might sound weird but your cheekbones look awesome, the camera loves them. As for me I am saying hello to a whole round of “law of attraction” reading and (The Secret and related) and goodbye to my Game of Thrones kick because I’m finishing up the last book right now. With the colder weather I will say hello to stews and homemade soups, goodbye to taking the kids to the park whenever I want to.

  9. You’re so cute!!! I love the way you talk, and that you are just as funny as you are in your writing. Amazing vlog!!
    Oh, and totally YES to the shorts, I hope you wore them. They are fabulous!

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