Soul Food Friday.

I’m linking up with my friend Jen over at Almost Gypsy Soul for Soul Food Friday.

Close your eyes.  Actually, don’t because then you won’t be able to read.

Take a deep breath.  And wherever you are at this moment, whatever noise and chaos you’re surrounded by right now…clear it from your mind.  Imagine the kind of quiet you find when you’re on a hike, in the middle of the forest.  The air is crisp and cool and fresh.  The breeze rustles the branches of the majestic trees that tower overhead.  The sun is up there too – way, way up there – censored by the trees, and you are enveloped in shade, save for the sporadic slivers of light that dance on the soft brown earth.  The sound of your steps are gentle whispers, like your feet are honoring the quiet too.  And as you pause – sit on a rock or lean against a tree and feel the cool stone or the rough bark against your skin, there is peace and majesty.

Trees 1

There’s nothing quite like being outdoors – in God’s playground – to feed my soul.  I don’t consider myself to be an outdoorsy person, per se, but I certainly feel rejuvenated after a quiet hike.  Nature has a way of simultaneously inspiring and humbling me.

I often think of a story my friend Amy told me about when she and her family visited the Grand Canyon.  Her brother walked to the railing, surveyed the Canyon, and said, “Good job, God.”

I’m a very small part of this world – this world that includes century old trees and massive canyons and freshly bloomed flowers that will make their presence known only for a single season.  But I am part of it.  And so are you.  Good job, God, indeed.

Trees 2

What feeds your soul?


7 thoughts on “Soul Food Friday.

  1. I am with you, girl. I love hiking so much for this very reason. I’m a log cabin in the mountains kind of girl instead of the beach. Also, there is nothing quite like sitting outside on my back porch, wrapped in a blanket, drinking a cup of steamy tea, watching the sunrise. Just wonderful.

  2. Love this! And I find it amazing that you’re all an outdoorsy hiker. I remember you used to use that line about how your idea of roughing it was staying at Motel 6!

  3. Tiff, she said hiker, not camper… comfort zone is the swaying walk, smooth whiskery breath and distinct earthy smell of a horse..

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