The dog days are over.

It’s a fact.  When you slip on a graphic sweater that prominently features a dog (sporting a bow tie), the world becomes sunnier.  Goofier.  You simply can’t take anything too seriously.

Misc Pictures 138

It’s okay that you tried a new conditioner, which was overly moisturizing and made the crown of your head greasy.

It’s okay that the to-do list is not getting any shorter.

Zeroing in on to-do’s…

It’s okay that the garage isn’t getting any cleaner.

It’s okay that the sheets in the dryer are continually being fluffed and then forgotten about, only to be fluffed once again when the urge to fold hits – and inevitably passes.

Misc Pictures 134

And the dishes.  Oh the dishes.  Those need to be put away too.  At least there is no fluffing involved.

It’s okay that your poor old computer keeps freezing up.

It’s okay that the trip to Costco, the trip to Whole Foods, the professional couch cleaning, and the floor cleaning summed up to be an expensive weekend.

Misc Pictures 135

It’s okay to toss leaves in the air and to fill your lungs with crisp, fall air.

Because there is a dog on your sweater, and that dog is wearing a bow tie.  [And thanks to Costco, you’ve got 36 rolls of toilet paper and 12 boxes of Kleenex. Check, and check.]

Life is good.

Misc Pictures 131

{Especially when a little girl of the 4-7 age range says that she likes your shirt because dogs are her favorite animal.  And you say you like her pink leopard print leggings.  She proclaims that pink is her favorite color.  And that she’s very good at Angry Birds.  It’s a rewarding conversation.  All because there’s a dog on your sweater.}

Do you own any graphic design sweaters featuring animals?   


12 thoughts on “The dog days are over.

  1. I looveee your sweater, bahaha. I love even more the conversation you had with the little girl! I don’t have any animal clothing, simply because the style/fit of the ones I’ve liked have been awful!

  2. No dogs on my sweaters, but that is quite an adorable one! Your week sounds a LOT like my weeks have been lately! Trying to pull together some motivation today to check off some things on my list!

  3. Hey, new blog style. I like it. Like the sweater too. I don’t like Costco though. Every time I go I end up coming home with random stuff, which would be ok if it were a normal store with normal packaging, but it’s not and that means I don’t come with one random thing, I come home with a lifetime supply of random things. When will I learn!?

  4. Awesome! You and this sweater are super cool. I LOVE that weirdo animal tops are suddenly cool instead of “inappropriate for our age.” (<– whatever that means!)

    I have an elephant t-shirt (duh!) and a giraffe sweater. Clearly I need to add to that collection.

  5. Aww I love conversations with kids like that! Anytime a little kid admires my clothes (usually because there are sparkles involved), it makes me laugh. Yes, I am an adult who wears clothes that kids like. Haha!

    Cute shot with the leaves in the air!

  6. Haha love the sweater and your pants!! I have a black sweater with a white bird on it that I got like 5 years from Old Navy for like $10. I wore to work (cause I woke up late) and got so many compliments on it?!?! haha

  7. I love it!!! Love the sweater and I am the worst for leaving sheets in the dryer – they are continually being FLUFFED!!! Uhhhh Whole Foods.. I swear I spend ALL of my money there. ALL OF IT.

  8. You look great with the sweater and the red accents…kids love twirlly skirts and sparkles and animals shirts. One told me today, I really like your phone….thats new….love you…

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