Never have I ever.

One of my new most-favoritest bloggers, Amanda over at The Lady Okie, is hosting a “Never Have I Ever” link up.


This photo is in no way related to anything discussed below.  Except that it is a photo of me and the never have I ever’s below are by me about me.  So basically this post is all me.  But that goes without saying, right?

Beware the me monster.  Who has seen Brian Regan’s bit about the me monster?  Oh, you haven’t?  Watch it now.

Okay.  Now on to the never have I ever’s.

Never have I ever completed a successful cartwheel. My attempts are pretty awesome though – butt in the air, feet do a little hoppity-skip-clicking-of-the-heels-thing as they soar off the ground (for a vertical of like 18 inches), neck craned at a dangerous angle…it’s a treat for the eyes, I assure you. I must say though, that I can somersault (and backwards somersault) like a boss.

Never have I ever eaten tofu. But I know I wouldn’t like it. So I will act like a toddler and refuse to even try it. I’m mature like that, you know.

Never have I ever pierced or inked my body. Except one little earring piercing in each ear. But does that even count? Ears are organs in/on the body so that’s completely different. Anyway. Back to the never have I ever part of this story. In the past, I have been kinda-sorta tempted to get a little tiny diamond stud in my nose – so small that people would think, “Is that a diamond? Is that a freckle? Is that a nose-growth?” {The thought that a little nose ring could be confused with a nose-growth is enough to dissuade me, now that I really sit and think about it.} But instead, should I ever desire diamonds on/in my nose, I will do what I did in college: buy a pack of those body and nail art rhinestones in the drugstore and use clear nail polish to apply. True story. As for tattoos, I’m simply commitment phobic. I can think of not one single thing that I like so much that I want it to be on my skin and grow old with me.  And I’m a bit scared of needles.  And pain.  So there’s that.

Never have I ever even attempted to smoke a cigarette. These lungs are in pristine condition.  Or at least they should be.  Walter White, you know, had lung cancer and he didn’t smoke.  No guarantees in life, my friends.  Even when life is a TV show.

What have you never ever’ed?


13 thoughts on “Never have I ever.

  1. One of my roommates got her nose pierced one summer but didn’t say anything. So when my other roommate and I went to visit her, we got there around midnight and I saw this shiny thing on her nose and I was like whatttt?! Haha. I feel the same way about tattoos – I wish I could be brave enough to get one. And yuck I’ve never had cigarette either!!

  2. Haha, I can’t cartwheel either. Somersaults I can do though! Although honestly, it’s been quite a few years since I have tried, so maybe I shouldn’t be so sure…

    It’s also been several years since I tried tofu, and it really wasn’t so bad. It was during a brief vegetarian stint in my childhood, and my mom breaded it in the attempt to disguise it as a fish stick. :) I’m generally pretty stubborn about trying new foods too, though. Sometimes you just know, right?

  3. That video. I was dying, and I immediately emailed it to my fiance, brother, and mom haha!! SO funny.

    I’m kinda sad you don’t like tofu!! That’s okay… I have foods I refuse to even try… like pepperoni. No reason… I’m just being mature ;)

  4. I can’t do a cartwheel either and it makes me feel like I failed something in kindergarten hahaha. Girl, you seriously need to get on the tofu. Just fry it up or something. You will enjoy it. Anyways never have I ever….I can’t think of anything haha I’m lame like that.

  5. Despite trying I can not cartwheel, have no tats or piercings, except two in each ear, haven’t smoked or done any kinds of drugs and I haven’t been without a job longer than a week since after my second year of college…

  6. I am with you on all of the above. Although I have never been pierced at all. I have never had my ears pierced. I wanted to when I was young, and my mom said wait until I was older…when older came, I just wasn’t interested. People really don’t notice that much.

  7. There are so many things that I’ve never done, but I randomly can’t think of anything right now… LOL!!! I guess I’ll blame that on Sunday afternoon laziness. ;) Hmmm, I have never eaten fried pickles! But I want to!! Ha, ha.

  8. That picture at the top of this post of the wedding is just gorgeous! I finally tried tofu and actually liked it. I’d had it cooked wrong so many times, so I was really reluctant, but when it’s used just right, it’s amazing! I’m loving your new blog look! The colors and layout are gorgeous!

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