Photo Friday Flashback. – A bus through Baltimore.

I decided to stick with the Tiffany-Whitney-Amy theme that I had going in last week’s Flashback.  This time though, we’ll be on the East coast.  In Baltimore.  On a bus.

Let me back up.

Spring break of 2006, Tiffany, Whitney, and I made the trip to Washington, DC and then to Williamsburg so Tiff could check out the law school at William & Mary.  We toured the monuments, went to the White House, and took a train from DC to Williamsburg.  Then we took a train from Williamsburg to Baltimore, where we’d be flying out from the following day.

We’re staying at a hotel that (I can only guess) was close to the airport.  And far from the Inner Harbor, which is where we wanted to go for dinner. We somehow find out (I don’t think it was at the hotel…maybe a business in the area?) that the bus stop across the street from the hotel would take us right to the Harbor.

So we skip right over to the bus stop and have a stranger take this picture for us.


The bus arrives and we walk on, settling ourselves into empty seats – Tiff and Whitney sharing a row on one side of the bus and me across the aisle and maybe a row or two back.  We didn’t pay…I guess we thought that the fare would depend on how far we go on the bus.  As the bus makes its way through the city, the scenery gets sketchier and sketchier.  The bus fills up.  There are people standing in the aisles.  At least one of which was packin’ heat.  {How cool do I sound saying that?  But yeah.  There was a gun.}

At one point, I hear Tiff:  Amy?

Me:  I’m here….

I found out later that Whitney started to feel a bit claustrophobic (and scared) and said, “We have to get off this bus.”  Tiffany glanced out the window, witnessed what was probably drugs and money exchange hands in a questionable sidewalk interaction, and murmured in response, “Look outside. We are NOT getting off of this bus.”

Eventually we see a strip of water in the distance and realize that the Harbor is out there.  There’s just one little problem…we don’t know how to get off the bus.  Like, we know it stops every couple of blocks, but how do we know which stop is the closest?  And how do we let the driver know that we want get off at said closest stop?  And how do we pay for this trip through the Baltimore projects?  The three little country girls are stuck on a bus in the big city.

Eventually some kind-hearted older woman showed Tiffany and Whitney the magic cord that hangs on the wall {technical terms} that lets the driver know people need off the bus.  She also told them that the Harbor was three or four stops away.  A few stops down the city streets, Tiff pulled the magic cord and we bolted off that bus.  We still hadn’t paid.  I guess they probably took pity on us and decided the fare wasn’t worth chasing the crazies.

We had a lovely dinner.  And took a cab back to the hotel.

Have you ever felt like a fish out of water? {Or like a country girl on a city bus?}


7 thoughts on “Photo Friday Flashback. – A bus through Baltimore.

  1. I’m so glad that kind heart lady was there to fill you guys in! Sounds like you guys rode through some pretty sketch places! I remember the first time we saw a drug deal happen after moving to Memphis and we were just stared at each other with gaping mouths, haha! Anyway, sounds like you guys had quite the experience while there. ;) Glad you get some fun stories out of it at least!

  2. Oh my goodness! What an adventure! Michael and I rode a couple trains in Europe that could be considered quite shady. Thank goodness for kind people!

  3. Oh my! I love Baltimore. I did a bus tour this summer, and I loved it! I love your adventures with your friends! Hopefully someday I’ll do that with my best friends!

  4. Yea. That happened. You forgot how the darn cabbie told us that we’d be okay so long as we didn’t go into the projects. Where did we head? Directly for the projects. Holy crap. What an adventure that was. I’d never been so excited to see a Joe’s Crab Shack sign in my life!

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