Hello, Goodbye.

I am linking up once again with Allison over at Nestful of Love to say hello…and goodbye to a few things.


Hello October; Goodbye September.  {Wow – 2013 continues to fly by!}

Hello new papasan chair cushion; Goodbye productivity.  {Wait, what am I saying?  Spending all day, curled up reading a book is perfectly productive.  Right, Flo?  Flo agrees.}

Misc Pictures 104

Hello feeling of overwhelming sadness and loss that comes with the end of a great show; Goodbye Breaking Bad. {It really had the perfect ending.  And it had to end.  But there’s a Walter White size void to fill.}

Hello freshly roasted green chile {and thanks, Mom, for supplying it.}; Goodbye canned and/or frozen green chile {which is fine in a pinch, but nothing beats the fresh stuff.}

Misc Pictures 101

Oh, hello hot air balloon….  {One morning this past weekend, we thought it was really windy outside.  Then we realized the wind came in spurts…kinda like a hot air balloon.  Hopefully they got a picture of us getting a picture of them.  I was wearing my red fluffy robe…a sight to treasure, most definitely.}

Misc Pictures 094

Hello driveway of sunflowers on private property…I would have loved to get a bit closer for pictures, but I didn’t want to say goodbye to freedom by getting tossed in the slammer for trespassing.

Misc Pictures 103

Hello blonde highlights; goodbye unintentional ombre look that my locks were portraying as of late.


Hello Lorenzo the lizard; goodbye Frank (or Fred) the frog.  {We were sad to leave Frank – or Fred – behind in the pond at our old house.  So imagine our delight to discover Lorenzo in the shrubs at the new place.  Lorenzo enjoys crawling on walls and is keeping his distance.  But I think he likes us.}

Misc Pictures 124

Thanks, Allison, for hosting the link up!

What are you saying hello…and goodbye to as we usher in autumn? 


11 thoughts on “Hello, Goodbye.

  1. WOAH… I feel like I was just reading your August/September Hello-Goodbye post…. weird! I agree that this year is definitely flying by. Faster than a hot air balloon!

    I LOVE that chair. Reading all day is most definitely productive in my opinion.

  2. That papasan chair cushion is SUPER cute! Looks like the perfect spot to curl up with a book!

    So cool that the hot air balloons passed right by you guys. I hope they do have a shot of you there in your fluffy red robe. Maybe they have a blog and wrote all about seeing you while passing by. ;)

    And yay! You posted pictures of your hair. It looks great!

  3. The smell of roasting green chili is the best fall smell ever, I love maximillian sunflowers the best. I love that they come back every year and the blooms are everywhere. It also doesn’t bloom until it gets cooler so it spreads the yellow throughout the season….great job as usual…

  4. Ha! I really hope the hot air balloon people got a picture of you taking a picture of them in your fluffy red robe :) Speaking of hot air balloons, don’t you totally want to ride in one? Because I do. Maybe we should wear red robes and ride in one together. Although not like in a creepy way like that kind of sounds….

  5. Your hair looks great (but I also thought it looked lovely with the unintentional ombre)! I am saying hello to my fall TV line-up (The Voice, SVU, Parenthood, Parks and Rec, The Blacklist…etc etc) and goodbye to free time with the start of school (well, we’re five weeks in, but still) and the start of my improv class next week. Also, I am saying hello to early holiday shopping. Hooray!!!

  6. I love all of yours! I especially love the hot air balloon photo. Later this month will be mine and my husband’s engagement anniversary! He proposed to me in a hot air balloon 3,000 feet high! ;)

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