The weekend began on Friday evening (as it often does).  Kevin was out of town at an away football game, so with sole possession of the remote control, Flo and I went wild:  Fashion Police, the first Sex and the City movie, and the Golden Girls.

Misc Pictures 091


On Saturday morning, I met up with my friend Kelly for some yoga in the park.  There was a slight chill to the air, but with the mats sitting in the sun and some warming asanas, it quickly turned perfect.

Misc Pictures 092

Saturday afternoon included several hours at work and some quality bank time.

The highlight was receiving this picture via text:

Misc Pictures 093

They’re adorable.

We settled into a cozy booth at a local Mexican food place that evening for dinner, and then watched some football.


We headed to the gym on Sunday morning, and then did the weekly grocery shopping at Whole Foods.

Speaking of Whole Foods, have you read this?  I can’t stop laughing; every time I read it, it slays me.  My favorite line is about the poison being on aisle seven.

While checking out at Whole Foods on this particular morning, the checkout lady asked us what we had planned for the afternoon.  We gained some serious Whole Foods cred when we said that we were planning to head out to the Harvest Fest at a local growers market.  She looked impressed.  Then Kevin said, “And we’ll make it home in time to see the Broncos play at 2:30.”  Any points that our intended attendance at Harvest Fest had yielded us were instantly snatched back.  “Oh yes,” she said, “Football is in session….”

Harvest Fest was nice.  Really, when dogs, families, and food trucks all come together on a sunny day, what’s not to like?

Misc Pictures 097

It seemed like there was a good turnout, and though it felt far more like summer than fall to me, I managed to survive with a little help from a healthy helping of brisket nachos (Whole Foods girl would not have approved, I’m quite certain) and a Spinaci pizza.

Misc Pictures 095

Misc Pictures 096

Washed down with some root beer, served up in an icy tin mug.

Misc Pictures 098

All the while enjoying the vocal talents of some local (they had to be local) band whose finale song was, “I’ve got my mojo working.”

Then it was home for a nap and some football.  Followed by dinner with Kevin’s parents and the FINAL episode of Breaking Bad. It’s the end of the blue meth era.

A quite sweet weekend.

How did you spend your weekend?  What made it sweet?  And did you watch Breaking Bad – last night or ever? 


11 thoughts on “Sweekend.

  1. Oh my goodness, I had not seen that Whole Foods post yet. Hilarious! I’ve actually only ever had great experiences at Whole Foods. The clerks and cashiers are always so friendly and helpful even though it’s obvious that I’m only there to pick up a few specialty items. Most of our grocery shopping is done at Aldi and Kroger. Anyway, Whole Foods is SUCH a fun place to just stop and people watch. There’s such an assortment of people there and we nearly always leave with a new story to tell. ;)

    Glad you had a fun weekend! The picture Kevin txted you is hilarious! I love it! And Harvest Fest looks like it was a lot of fun!

  2. Quality bank time. Ugh. I hate my bank.. I hope you have better experiences with yours! What temperature was it when you did yoga?! I’ve always wanted to do yoga in a park… or just more often haha!

  3. Yoga. Cleansing. Breaking Bad. Cats. This blog is calling my name fa shizzy. Loved the BB finale, not to mention I started watching it at your and your wonderful husband’s recommendation. RIP Walter White. It tied up all the loose ends and left me telling my husband “Hey the Breaking Bad DVD set would be the perfect gift for me if you’re looking for ideas.” Not that he is – but hey, never hurts to ask. And if anyone is wondering what the cleanse is called that is referenced in the Whole Foods story, it’s The Master Cleanse. I would do it again, but only if I’m not working. Bathroom emergencies are an inevitable side effect. You’ve been warned. “Have an A-1 day.” -Skyar White

  4. That photo of Flo and Kevin… omg! Flo’s look is just hilarious.

    Never watched Breaking Bad (I avoid TV and am trying to rid myself of show-obsessions, not gain new ones) although I do feel like I definitely missed out on a television legend. Oh well.

  5. I’ve never seen Breaking Bad, but my husband has. He enjoyed it, but he said it wouldn’t be my cup of tea. I am in serious love with food trucks. Looks like a fun time!

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