Photo Friday Flashback. – Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge.


In July 2008, Tiff, Whitney (her cousin), and I rented bikes in San Francisco and rode across the Golden Gate bridge to Sausalito.

Yeah.  No big deal.  Just biking across the Golden Gate bridge.

First, I debated what kind of helmet fashion statement I wanted to make:

Misc Pictures 071

Then we set out into the mean streets of ‘Frisco.

Once on the open road concrete, we had a few races…just because it seemed like the right thing to do.


And we stopped in the park to do a little tai chi and somersaulting (don’t ask – I have no explanation).

Misc Pictures 074

Then it was time to tackle the bridge.

I was too busy huffing and puffing against the breeze to stop for pictures.  The traffic was loud, the other bikers were passing me right and left, and the view was spectacular.

Sausalito is a really cute little town.

Misc Pictures 077

We grabbed lunch and a ferry ride home.

There was no way my legs or booty were interested in pedaling back over the bridge.  God bless the ferry.

Misc Pictures 087

A nice Elvis lip look I have going there, eh?

The view was still spectacular.

Misc Pictures 083

It was a lovely adventure with two sweet girls.  I was a tiny bit sore the next day though.  The plane ride home that afternoon didn’t help, I’m sure.

And now I can say things like, “Oh yes, that reminds me of the time I biked across the Golden Gate bridge.”

Do you enjoy bike rides?  Do you bike often in your everyday life, or do you reserve the bike seat for exciting travel moments as I do? 


9 thoughts on “Photo Friday Flashback. – Biking across the Golden Gate Bridge.

  1. Wasn’t this a fun adventure! I did it too, but the guy that ended up going with me from our work thing… a real mountain biker. We rode back too, like 18 miles total. I was worked, but still very cool to say “I’ve biked the Golden Gate Bridge” Glad I’m in “the group”

  2. What a fun adventure!! The only “cool” bike ride I’ve done was to bike around the city walls of Lucca while we were in Italy. It was pretty awesome. I’d love to bike across the golden gate bridge! Sounds like you have some great memories! :)

  3. I love the last picture… and the hard core cycyling race picture. Mostly because the guy fishing in the background was just chillen’ and you guys were probably laughing up a storm. I love memories like that!

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