Warming up for the cool down.


It’s no secret that I am not a fan of winter.

Scratch that.  I have nothing against winter.  I’m not a fan of being cold.

I love sweaters.  I love scarves.  I love boots.  And hot tea.  And blankets.  And cuddling by the hearth, warmed by a whispering fire.

Shoot.  I even like snow.  When it’s outside and I’m inside.


And I live in the desert.  Where, as cold as it may seem at times, it doesn’t get that cold.

So I’m not rushing the warm weather.  It can hang around my neck of the mercury for a while longer.


But there was the slightest tickle of excitement when I pulled out this sweater.  And some wedge ankle boots. {Sidenote:  I refuse to call them “booties”.  The mind immediately jumps to babies or calls.  Therefore, I boycott the term.}

Eight JPEG

This entire outfit is from TJ Maxx.  The pants are old.  The sweater and boots are relatively new.  Like last week.  Yeah.  Definitely new.

Have you started re-introducing your cool weather wardrobe to the world?  The word “booties” in terms of foot apparal – are you in or out? 


13 thoughts on “Warming up for the cool down.

  1. Love this outfit! And, you are beautiful. Such fun pics! Love those boots too – I have called them booties, and just made the connection to babies as I was saying it last week and felt a bit odd myself.

  2. You put winter into perspective for me!

    I agree… I don’t really mind winter (except I miss the extra daylight), but I really hate being cold. This morning, the temperature was 39* when I got up. Ugh, haha. And I wore flip flops to the gym. What was I thinking?! I needed some booties… er boots ;)

  3. Good lord you look like a model. Tyra would be proud of your posing! Maybe you should apply for ANTM! Also–hilarious on why you boycott “booties.” I shall join in the boycott.

  4. hahaha booties is such a stupid girly word! I’m with ya!

    I’m still rocking shorts and tshirts. Sorry, love! It’s only cool in the mornings and evenings here in PA and I’m always hot anyway.

    Your outfit looks so comfy! Yet sophisticated and sexy.

  5. I live in Texas, so we have a bit to wait for cooler weather (I don’t want to jinx it by pulling out my “cold clothes”. I’m with you on the whole booties thing, not my preference. Also, I don’t like being cold, but I like what comes with it. My hands will literally hurt in the freezing temps!

  6. I am SO with you! I actually LOVE Christmas (my favorite holiday!!) and I enjoy all the fun that winter brings, but I HATE the cold, haha! I can tolerate it until after Christmas. Then I’m just done with it, haha! Definitely loving your outfit! The shot of you laughing is pretty adorable. :) We’ve only had a handful of days cool enough for fall wear so I’ve been wearing the couple of long sleeved tops I leave out through the summer (just for days like these). Probably next week sometime I’ll get the rest of everything out. :)

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