So long, summer.

Though the temps are giving their best argument to the contrary, the calendar (and the return of the oh-so-coveted PSL’s at Starbucks) insists upon the autumnal equinox.

Summer 2013, you were good to me.  I passed the time:

  • Newlyweddin’
  • Making major purchases (like a house)
  • Packing
  • Moving
  • Unpacking
  • Dressing up
  • Saying hello to football season
  • Watching baseball
  • Eating ice cream
  • Happy hour hoppin’
  • Brunching with friends
  • Relaxing in the great outdoors
  • Feeding my face with home-grown fruits and veggies and oysters overnighted to the desert from Seattle
  • Chasing the food truck to the park
  • Drinking ice tea
  • Attending outdoor concerts
  • Bar-b-que’in
  • Pairing shorts and sundresses with dirty flip-flop feet
  • Family reunion goin’
  • Playing in the rain
  • Theme dressing at work
  • Saying goodbye and happy birthday to friends
  • Enjoying meals and games with friends
  • Spa day trippin’ it up
  • Celebrating Kiki & Flo’s 11th birthday
  • Sunday dinners on the patio

I have a strong suspicion that autumn will include a whole lotta lattes, layers, and leaves.

Photo Credit:  Shawna (aka Neighbor)

Photo Credit: Shawna (aka Neighbor)

What does your summer highlight reel include?  Are you ready for the end of the season?  And – be honest – who has already savored a pumpkin spice latte this year?


10 thoughts on “So long, summer.

  1. I miss summer already! I really enjoyed summer dresses, happy hours, and time spent on patios this year. I’m hoping my new football hobby and new obsession with PSLs will get me through the dreary months ahead.

  2. I haven’t had a pumpkin latte yet!! :( (I REALLY need to jump on that bandwagon). BUT I have been sipping on lots of pumpkin coffee, so it kind of counts. Ha, ha. :)

  3. Love that photo montage! You had a great summer. Not sure how you can top that!

    I probably should’ve reflected on summer too but I was sooo ready to move on well before it was even over. Onward and upward!

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