A bit of random for your Monday night.

I’m a fly-killing ninja.  I’ve developed my mad skills probably through my hatred of flies.  Ew.  And annoying.  They are both ew and annoying.  The secret is to put your hands slowly on either side of the landed fly.  Then clap your hands together suddenly.  Immediately followed by a thorough hand washing.

I habitually drive right at or a few miles over the speed limit. And I’m a ten-and-two hand position kind of driver.  So maybe I’m just not wired with the need for speed, but I do NOT understand drivers who zoom past…just to be the car directly in front of me at the stoplight.  Was it satisfying to get to that stoplight faster and have to sit there waiting for longer?

I measure distance in stoplights.  Theory:  this comes from growing up in the country and living in towns that have zero stoplights.  I live seven stoplights away from work.  This equates to 4.5 miles.  Or 8-12 minutes, depending on the timing of those 7 stoplights.  Not a bad commute.

Update on the new house:

I set the burglar alarm off on Saturday.  That was awesome.  Probably even more awesome for the neighbor who lives right spankin’ next to the blaring siren and the flashing strobe light.

The cats are settling into their new castle quite well.  Even the stairs:

Yep.  Everyone is handling the stairs quite well.  Except me about an hour ago when I slipped in my socks.  I was the picture of grace and dignity as my traitorous feet rebelled against my legs.  I shrieked sang like an angel, grasped placed my hands lightly on the banister, and somehow managed to keep my tush off the floor as I took three stairs at once.

Kevin had a dinner function tonight so I pulled together some provisions and came up with this:


Not pictured: olive oil mayo, turkey, and two healthy slices of pepper jack cheese.
Pictured: spinach herb wrap, spinach, and grapes.

Kiki was intrigued.


And that’s the night.

Tell me something random. Have you ever set off the alarm or tripped down the stairs?


13 thoughts on “A bit of random for your Monday night.

  1. I have this odd (possibly OCD) ritual of counting stairs when I go up or down, like it might keep me from falling. It doesn’t actually work, since I have tripped a couple times, always up the stairs. I’ve hit the panic button on my car several times, one time from my purse, maybe I shouldn’t count that as actually my fault. :)

  2. Your provisions dinner looks so DELICIOUS! Oh, and I tripped up the stairs at school yesterday and somehow lost my shoe in the process. I swear it’s a talent to do that. I love how random this post is! We both must’ve been in the scattered random mood!

  3. I’ve done the SAME thing on our wood stairs! So now I don’t wear socks while I walk up and down them, haha! Glad the kitties are adjusting to the stairs well. :) And I know what you mean about the drivers who speed past only to end up stopped at the same light as you. I actually inwardly rejoice when someone who speeds past me (especially if they cut me off) ends up stuck at the same light I’m at. ;)

  4. I jumped out of the shower one time and ran to answer the phone and slipped and landed flat on my back on the tile in the kitchen….it was probably a telemarketer…….

  5. LOL at setting off the alarm! Well, I’m sure it’s funny now that it’s over.

    Something random… I have one stop light on my way to school and it’s a 20 minute commute. Not too shabby!

  6. We have a very loud alarm, minus the strobe light. Once it was low on battery and we didn’t notice. Or maybe I did notice and chose not to do anything about it that day… but don’t hint that possibility to my husband. If it gets unplugged, there’s a 24 hour back up battery, I figured it wasn’t urgent to replace the back up battery. Anyway, 3:00 AM a COP is knocking on our door saying “your alarm is going off” so we say “ummmm no it’s not. I don’t hear it, do you?” Needless to say, we learned that you don’t let that thing beep saying it’s low on battery, you fix it, because if it gets too low it just calls the cops just in case. So yeah, I’ve been there. LOL

  7. Flo workin those steps! My Kiki-lookalike cat, Lexie, sprints our stairs. It’s hilarious. You just hear boom boom boom till she’s up or down the stairs in like two seconds flat.

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