Photo Friday Flashback. – The Engagement Story.

On Labor Day in 2012, I went to dinner with Tiffany.  The dinner had been planned for a couple of days, and she picked me up in the early evening.  She asked Kevin for some law book, claiming that she needed it for work.

We spent a few hours at dinner as she filled me in on the fun-filled-action-packed weekend she’d spent in Stillwater with some new and old friends.

On the drive home, we were supposed to stop and pick up ice cream to take home to Kevin, so I was surprised when she passed right by the grocery store without stopping.

Me:  Aren’t we going to stop and get ice cream?

Tiff:  Let’s just go to your house first.

Immediately, a thought fluttered across my little brain.  And I instantly dismissed the thought as ridiculous.  Preposterous really.  I mean, at dinner that very evening when Tiff asked when I thought Kevin would propose, I had responded with a confident, “Oh probably next spring.  That’ll be our three year anniversary.  I’m certain it’ll happen in April of next year.”

So it was silly to even entertain the thought for a millisecond that SOMETHING was about to happen.  There was absolutely no point in getting my hopes up, just to be disappointed for no good reason.

As she pulls up in front of the house, I say, “Okay.  WHAT is going on?”

She reaches into her purse and pulls out a soft cover, black book.  “Just read this first.”

As I begin to read, my head is spinning.

“I don’t think one book could possibly hold or capture all of our fun times and good memories, but I thought I could at least try to capture some of the highlights from the last two and a half amazing years we’ve had together.”

Kevin made the book, a compilation of pictures and memories.  Like the night we hit it off at a bar on the Westside.  A Brooks & Dunn concert.  The trips to Denver, New Orleans, Napa, and Costa Rica.  The everyday things like reading together, cooking dinner together, and how he’ll narrate scenes from Breaking Bad as I cover my eyes during the violent parts.

“We have such an amazing life together, and so many more pages to fill with the adventures and memories to come.  Follow the path inside for the start of the next page in our book.”


Tiff:  Don’t mind me.  Just a little flash photography.

Misc Pictures 020

Me:  This is…wow…is this what I think it…YOU KNEW?

Tiff:  You should go inside…oh and I’m waiting.  Don’t forget about me out here!!

So I go inside.  There are candles lining the entry way, flames flickering lightly.  {I remember thinking, “Don’t trip on the candles.  That would be bad.”}  As I follow the path into the living room, white lights and rose petals greet me, framing the dining room.

Misc Pictures 028

And there was Kevin.  He said a lot of wonderful things and as I was listening, I made a conscious effort to commit his words to memory, knowing that I’d want to remember every sweet word verbatim.  And of course that didn’t happen – I think it’s all my brain could do to keep my body from fainting at the sheer excitement of it all.  Then he got down on one knee and asked if I’d marry him.  I barely let him get the words out before responding with a very strong YES.


And we didn’t forget about Tiffany in the car.  :)

Misc Pictures 008

It was so perfect.  I found out that Kevin had been planning the proposal for months.  Tiffany was the only person he’d told and the ring had been in the back of his car for two days because he didn’t want risk me catching him bringing it inside or suspecting anything.  {He had a nerve wracking dinner in Santa Fe the night before when we met friends for dinner and had to park on a deserted, dark street.}  The book had been tucked into the enormous law textbook and Tiffany had been given instructions to ask to borrow the text.

Needless to say it was the best surprise of my life.  A year ago he became my fiance; now he’s my husband and I’ll forever be thankful for him.

**Edit #1:  It occurred to me that I should also mention that he met my stepdad for coffee to ask permission.  Such a gentleman, my (then) boyfriend / (now) husband.

**Edit #2:  As referenced by Tiff in the comments below, she did drive down the wrong street on the way home.  That’s what caused me to ask her what was going on when we pulled up in front of my house!


22 thoughts on “Photo Friday Flashback. – The Engagement Story.

  1. Eeep! I love it! I am a sucker for a good engagement story, and this was a great one! What a great friend! Absolutely perfect! And the book, how special! Ok, I’m done gushing. :)

  2. That was fun night. For sure. FO SHO. The two parts you left out were that I turned down the wrong street and was so nervous that I said, “I don’t understand, where did your house go!!??” and you said, “It’s on the street over, where it’s always been.” Ha! And the other was that I made you leave your to go box in the car with me because I told you that you might need your hands.

    Ah, good times. GOOD times.

  3. This is the sweetest ever!!! Was it a photo book or handmade or what? Can’t tell from Tiff’s photo. How fortunate that she was there to take photos! What a good friend :)

    I always say I haaaaate surprises. Despise. Can’t stand ’em. I wonder if I’ll make an exception for a proposal.

    How did you know based on one tiny little “let’s go home first”?!?!? So smart.

  4. Oh my goodness! I just stumbled upon your blog and I think this is probably the best first post I could have possibly read! CONGRATULATIONS! Such a wonderful story. When I saw the pictures of all the candles and lights I immediately thought of that movie Serendipity where she walks through the door (just like you) and sees candles and gets proposed to as well :) Soooo what I am really saying is your proposal is hands down movie-worthy!

  5. The paths entertwined and then merged and it was “magic”. We are also thankful for K he is perfect for you….and you for him…..

  6. Aww what a sweet story! I love how he got your friend’s help and when she said don’t forget about me out here haha. One of my best friend’s just got engaged about a month ago and he told me about a week and a half before it happened. Hardest secret ever! I avoided hanging out with her so it wouldn’t slip :P

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