Hello, Goodbye.

Linking up with Allison at Nestful of Love as we say Hello September, Goodbye August!

Nestful of LOve

Hello football season, Goodbye seeing my husband, the football coach.


Hello Audible app, Goodbye same ol’ workout music playlist on repeat.

Hello new neighborhood, Goodbye old neighborhood (including Ping, the cross-eyed neighborhood stud-muffin of a tomcat).  :(


Hello new house, goodbye old house.

And speaking of new house…

Hello new paint colors, Goodbye…old paint colors. (Top is before, bottom is after.)



Hello new wood floors, Goodbye poorly-stretched-trip-hazard carpet.


Hello new fancy-shmancy kitchen cabinets, Goodbye light-oak-circa-1990 cabinet doors.


Hello wine rack…hello white cat.


What are you saying hello and goodbye to these days?


20 thoughts on “Hello, Goodbye.

  1. That makes me miss going to football games to watch our husband coach. Well, your husband. You know, we’re sticks, so “our” seemed appropriate. :) And I’m dying to see your house. It looks amazing–love the paint colors!!

  2. Amy, your house looks incredible!! The paint, the floors, the winerack…everything! And, as far as that husband goes, I hope you’re the loudest cheerleader in the stands ;)

  3. You are doing an amazing job on the new place! I am so impressed. I have lived in my house for three + years, and I just got living room furniture. Like last week. And not all of it!! I envy people who can just dive right in and get it done!

  4. Hello to new class goodbye to summer, love your new colors and the cabinets look great….hope the cats are settling in to their new territory….

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