Polka dot splurge.

I have purchased two items of clothing since early May.  One is a green and white polka dot dress and the other is a blue and white polka dot dress.

Both of the above sentences are highly uncharacteristic for me.  The former because I tend to like new clothes and therefore shop on a regular basis, and the latter because I don’t consider myself to be a person drawn to the polka dots.



Dress:  Forever 21 (Well made – solid lining and structure.  I’m actually impressed with the quality considering that I got it for 23 Mr. Washington’s. I whole-heartedly believe it was worth the splurge.)

Necklace:  Bubble necklace from ILY.com

How much shopping have you done lately?  Favorite purchase?


15 thoughts on “Polka dot splurge.

  1. AHHH YOU ARE sooooooo cute!! This looks amazing on you. If you weren’t freshly married I would want to wine and dine you in that gorgeous dress!! DEFINITELY worth the splurge!

  2. Dang you look so beautiful in that! I love the blue with the green. Awesome combo.

    I pretty much never shop. Hate it, don’t like spending the money, things never fit. Not an exaggeration!

    Totally separate declaration but I would totally l-o-v-e to drop a bunch of pounds so I’m not shopping to hide body parts but instead to show them off. Life goal, Amy. Life goal.

    You rock <3

  3. love, love, love the dress! It looks so great on you, and especially with the green necklace!:-)
    I´ve only bought one thing lately, a pink&white squared Tommy Hilfliger shirt at an outlet paying only 25% of the retail price. Love it!

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