Recently on Instagram.


Mustache tape has been proven to improve a bad attitude when one is packing up one’s house.


Mint chocolate chip ice cream hot fudge sundae with whipped cream, walnuts, and a cherry on top.
That’s a mouthful. Of deliciousness.


The pear on my shirt and I decided to wear berets. Oui oui.


Brunch with friends. And a vanilla latte. And a red velvet cupcake. Naturally.


Going-away happy hour for a friend who is starting a dream job in NYC!


Lunch in the park. With a side of sneakers.


Surprise! Happy birthday!


2-5 window for appliance delivery. Starbucks makes waiting feel more fun.


All of these were in my desk drawer. I’m obviously a paper/binder clip hoarder.


Sperry’s up in the hammock


Upside down braid and bun kinda day.


What sort of phot-o-graphs have you shot recently?


11 thoughts on “Recently on Instagram.

  1. Do you realize how many food pictures you post? That is disgraceful for someone that is as slim and trim as you are, you make me hungry every time… can never have too many paper clips…

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