Salutations from a brindle cat.

Kiki here with you today.


Female human Amy decided that since Flo was allowed to compose a blog post, then I should be given a chance to do the same.

I’m pretty shy and not entirely sure what to talk about.  Flo talked about thumbs.

I have thumbs.  Of a sort.  I’m a polydactyl, so I have an extra “toe” on each paw.  I could type and open doors and such if I wanted to…but I’m pretty content to act like a regular cat.

Sometimes life as a regular cat becomes a tidbit overwhelming.  When it does, I retreat inside a chair.  One day when hiding under it I discovered a little tear and was able to maneuver myself right into the chair itself.

This is me on top of the chair with my friends, the Bears.


I consider myself to be head of security in our house, a role which I take very seriously. I am always alert to strange noises.  And I spend a good portion of my day keeping a watch on the neighborhood.



The rest of my day is spent keeping the books and budget aligned.  These humans.  They stress me out with all this talk of a new house and the countless expenditures that are “required”. I do not want to move.  My fondness for sitting on luggage is NOT to be confused with a fondness for uprooting my environment and disrupting my life.


I did NOT authorize the purchase of a new house.  Which has something called “stairs”.  I have never encountered this thing called stairs, but I know the humans are worried that I’ll be timid and apprehensive with said stairs.  They said that I may lose a little of my sweet, cuddly belly through encounters with stairs.

At my last vet appointment, the vet (horrid human who sticks a thermometer in a place that I prefer to keep private) weighed me and made a “face” and asked if I was getting a little heavy.  Amy, the female human, immediately addressed her, and with a defensive tone said, “Kiki is a Maine Coon and they are often as heavy as 25 pounds and so in comparison she’s really quite light.”  She then spent the entire drive home telling me that I was just the right size for a Kiki-cat, that I’m lovely just the way I am, and that the vet was just envious of all my fluffy hair and cuteness.


They (the humans) did switch me to light food though.  And I do a bit of cardio.

One of my most favorite things is belly time.  The humans simply can’t resist my cuteness and give me a nice belly rub when I sprawl out like this:


I also really, really like poultry.  And milk.  ESPECIALLY Frosted Mini-Wheat flavored milk.  Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to have human food.  They hold it tantalizingly out of reach when I beg for a taste.


How rude.  Maybe I should put these thumbs to good use and learn to open the refrigerator….


17 thoughts on “Salutations from a brindle cat.

  1. well good for you Kiki, finally getting to blog as well! I see you´ve got the important task of security, which is great, because then your mommy&daddy can relax all day long. Btw, you´re really good at doing cardio;-)

  2. I LOVE love love Kiki. She is gorgeous. And I agree…having a soft, fluffy belly is preferable to being “in shape.” My Maine Coon is about twenty pounds now (he gained some weight after we moved to a one-story apartment after living in a townhome with stairs). Sometimes I get offended when people come over to visit and they meet The Fonz for the first time and exclaim, “What a huge cat!” I’m always quick to correct them: “No…he’s not really a big cat. He’s actually just a very small bear.” In fact, we’ve used the nickname “Little Bear” on him so much, he’s pretty sure that it’s his name now. :-)

  3. This episode is so what Kiki is saying in her own cat language! Thanks, Amy for translating it into human language! Loved it :)

  4. hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa I must cat-sit! Her pawing at the door was hilarious/adorable. Kiki looks very similar to my Lexie kitty, a brown tabby (although obviously much longer hair!) I am certain that together they would be quite a pair and we’d be endlessly vacuuming up their fur.

  5. Haha! So glad Kiki got a chance at updating the blog too! She reminds me of a dog the way she stands guard and likes belly rubs… I haven’t known many cats like that. Here’s to hoping the stairs are an easy adjustment for Kiki!

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