Photo Flashback Friday. – Vanilla Pop

Once upon a time, in October of 2009,  there was a night out to see Vanilla Pop play at a local club.

Vanilla Pop is an awesome cover band.  They play all the good stuff – mainly 80’s.  They dress in outrageous outfits and belt out the tunes, surrounded by a dancing crowd.  Everyone is there to rock out to a little Billie Jean and forget their troubles.

Amy Vanilla Pop Tiff

Tiff and I met some of her friends out one night.  We danced, we drank, we posed for a photo opp with half of Vanilla Pop.

This guy was out that night:

Kevin Amy Tiff

Foreshadowing, anyone?

{After this night, I added Kevin as a Facebook friend.  Then we didn’t talk for months and I unfriended him during a routine cleaning-up-of-the-Facebook-friends-purge.  Then we met up again, hit it off, went on a date, and I sent him another friend request – sheepishly explaining what I’d done.  Fortunately, he didn’t hold the unfriending against me.}

You just never know what path life is going to take, huh?

What random photos wound up being more significant a memory than you thought they would?


10 thoughts on “Photo Flashback Friday. – Vanilla Pop

  1. One of my favorite pictures. Along with the Nororious head banging one. So funny. I miss Vanilla Pop! And I love that you and Kevin were in this before you were “you and Kevin.” I also loved your hair that way. I just love a lot of things.


  2. That Facebook story is hilarious! I’ve had a couple of people I’ve deleted and something similar has happened where I later sheepishly re-add them! Oh the joys of modern communication! I’m loving these flashback fridays! :)

  3. That is a really cool foreshadowing photo! I feel like my husband and I have a lot of early group shots together because we were acquaintances and then friends for a few years before ever dating. In fact, I did not like my husband when I first met him and routinely tried to avoid him…all for no good reason. I had one of those Pride and Prejudice realization moments a long time later, and wondered why I didn’t see him for who he was from the start. I need to write a blog about that sometime…but you’re right! You never know what path life is going to take! :-D

  4. Aw yay! So fun! Facebook plays such a hilarious role in so many relationships. My boyfriend and I got in a huge fight over it last week. Silly, silly…

    When my stepdad moved in with my Mom, they were looking through old photos and saw a group photo from a ski trip… they were both on the same trip and standing RIGHT BESIDE each other! That was at least five years before they ever even talked. And now they’re married and blame me because I “made” them go out!

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