Photo Friday Flashback. – Hong Kong

Amy Amy peak 2

When I lived in Shenzhen, I filled up my passport with stamps traveling to and from Hong Kong.  Hong Kong eased the culture shock with its Western style restaurants, European influence, and English speakers.  Plus it’s simply an amazing city.

On this particular visit, the other Amy, Todd, our friend Stone (a mainland China native), and I hopped an early morning train. We spent the day exploring the city – riding the streetcar, taking the tram up the mountain, and eating some burgers and fries at some Western chain restaurant.

I remember it being a fun day.  In hindsight, I don’t remember being especially thankful for my freedom and independence.  Like many things, I took it for granted.  With my passport – the words ‘United States of America’ emblazoned on the front – in hand, I could come and go to Hong Kong as I so desired.  I could go nearly anywhere in the world with that blue-bound ticket.

For that, I’m very grateful.


12 thoughts on “Photo Friday Flashback. – Hong Kong

  1. I’m so glad you had such an awesome experience! I’m sure living in another country isn’t something words can ever fully convey, but it’s really fun to read about the things you saw and did while you lived in China.

  2. I was so very glad that you were independant, brave and confident enough to travel so far for so long, but I must admit I breathed a huge sigh of relief when you and Lisa walked down that causeway. I am glad you had that experience.

  3. That is incredibly cool that you lived in China. I’ve never been to Asia but would love to one day. I’m certain I will feel incredibly privileged for the freedom that I have (with Canada stamped on my passport ;)) when I one day do travel abroad. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. hey there Desert Girl! I`m baaack! So I had to check out what´s been going on in your life lately:-)
    I can relate to the feeling of taking things for granted.. I guess I did so when I lived in Spain.. as if it would last forever, which it didn´t. And I guess I regret not doing more of the time I had. But I guess that´s just life.

  5. Hong Kong is amazing! I was SO excited to be there during spring festival a couple years ago. It is easy to forget how many native Chinese are longing to get into Hong Kong, and even trying to cross the border illegally and give birth to their babies on the other side of the border so that their children will be granted freedoms that they don’t have.

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