A belated birthday post and some top search phrases.


Tuesday was Kiki and Flo’s birthday.  They aren’t litter-siblings (shocking, I know, since they resemble each other so strongly).  But they’re around the same age, so Kevin has always declared August 6 to be their birthday.  They each dined on some birthday cake (aka Greenie treats) and had a good time playing with their gifts.

Sweet little Kiki - she's always such a good girl.

Sweet little Kiki – she’s always such a good girl.

Flo was too busy licking this toy to death to bother with looking at the camera.

Flo was too busy licking this toy to death to bother with looking at the camera.

And now we're high on catnip....

And now we’re high on catnip….

They are both 11 in human years, which is around 60 in cat years.  Lookin’ good, ladies.  Here’s to another 11 (aka 60) years for each of them!

On a completely unrelated note…let’s talk about web searches.

WordPress awesomely has this feature that shows the web searches that brought someone to your blog. By far the #1 for my blog is “shop your closet challenge.”  Which I’ve blogged about and makes sense.

Others on the list made no sense whatsoever.  And some make a little bit of sense but are mainly just hilarious.

A few recent favs that have popped up on my Dashboard:

  • caught in my undies  —> {Say whaaaat??}
  • cheerleaders boots
  • san juan islands nude
  • ultra short skirt & green tights
  • fake dancer tang pottery
  • hot neighbor jeans
  • super one tv kalamata 2 april 2013
  • badaboom i’m cat –> {This one makes me laugh every time I read it.}
  • coffee under umbrella
  • pictures of girls from dc flashback

What funny search engine phrases have brought people to your site?  And do you celebrate pet birthdays?


11 thoughts on “A belated birthday post and some top search phrases.

  1. Um….that’s hilarious. Caught in my undies. I must have missed that blog. And when have you talked about cheerleader boots? Badaboom i’m cat is probably Flo searching about herself.

  2. YAHHH for kitty birthdays! I once had a party with another cat family haha..that was fun. My search engines sometimes are so bad..lots of times about naked men..WTF?!

  3. I’ve had some hilarious ones too! For some reason czech porn star seems to lead to my blog??? I am neither czech nor a porn star lol. We used to also celebrate my dog’s bday until she passed away :( She lived a long 15 (105 in dog years!!!) though!

  4. Ha!!! Love those phrases! I used to do a blog post about those too, and I haven’t in awhile! I’m going to have to check mine out, now that you’ve reminded me!

  5. Those search phrases are hilarious….I looked at mine….the weirdest one was “me an my father in law love story” Not so sure about that one….

  6. Happy Birthday to your kitties! You know, I hadn’t really looked at my search terms, even though my blog has been up and running for a year now. I didn’t realize that quite a lot of people find my blog by searching for “Jack Reacher” or “Jack Reacher Delucas,” probably because I once posted a picture of the booth at the restaurant Delucas here in Pittsburgh where Tom Cruise sat in a scene of the film (which I still haven’t seen). The weirdest search terms are tied between “what happened to martha stewart on hallmark” and “sexy chipmunks wearing lingerie.” <–EW! Who searches for that??

  7. Awesome! Our cat Gavin was adopted around Thanksgiving so he’s our “turkitty.” We do know his actual birthday but uhh that’s different from remembering it though! Lexie was MY birthday present so her “birthday” is coming up!

    I work in marketing and see actual search terms all the time. I have never seen any terms that are funnier than the random things blogs get. It does not make sense?!?

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