A mid-summer night’s jazz.

First of all – thank you for the sweet comments (on the blog and in person) and texts and prayers and kind thoughts that you offered after Sunday’s post.  I know they’re going straight to Becca and her family. I so appreciate your support and for listening (reading, whatever) as I shared some memories.  Thank you.

And now – let’s talk about summer and all that jazz.

Lazy summer nights.  I love them.  That magic twilight hour when the sun and the mercury have dipped in intensity.  Throw in a light breeze, a cozy-casual-chic backyard, some live jazz…I’ll swoon.

My friend Tom M. and three of his friends have a jazz group and it’s always such a treat to hear them play.  Which I did a couple of weeks ago.




With bright placemats, candles, snacks, and white lights twinkling in the tree limbs overhead, it was the perfect set for a relaxing evening.  Tom’s wonderful wife is the perfect hostess and the jazz – superb.






Start to finish, it was lovely. Here…have a listen.

Have you attended any backyard concerts this summer?  Do you like jazz?


14 thoughts on “A mid-summer night’s jazz.

  1. The band sounds amazing! And I know I’m echoing everyone here, but I love that beautiful Spanish-style home and patio! With the twinkle lights up in the trees, it really does look magical!

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