When I was fourteen, I met a girl named Rebecca – Becca, as she would come to be known to me.  She was petite, with the blondest of blonde hair and bright blue eyes.  She was one of my first friends at a new school and one of my best high school friends. 


We spent many a-Friday night watching the movie-of-the-week at the small town theatre, followed, of course, by a drink at Sonic.  Sans dates, we hit up prom together one spring.  She was sweet enough to let me raid her wardrobe before a cross-country trip I took one summer.  We attended state conferences together and played basketball together – the one season that I decided to pretend to want to be athletic.  When a classmate passed away, I remember sitting next to Becca at the funeral, clinging to her hand as we cried in the pew of the church.  We did somersaults down a sloped lawn one night, laughing until our sides hurt.  And when she got married in the summer of 2006, I got to stand up next to her. 





Over the years, we lost touch – save the occasional ‘like’ of a picture or status on Facebook.  Once diligent about sending anniversary and birthday cards, I let that priority fall aside.  And now I won’t have the chance to reconnect with my old friend – Becca tragically is no longer on this Earth.  Her two small children have lost their mother and her husband his wife.  My heart breaks for them.

Earlier this week, as I dug through a tub of old photos, I was flooded with memories and regrets.  I’m sad that I lost Becca before I had to lose her.  There is no good excuse for allowing time and distance and LIFE to severe friendships that should last a lifetime – however long that may be. 

That long-lost-best-friend from way-back-when?  You should reach out and reconnect. It’s not too late – until it’s too late.


11 thoughts on “Lost.

  1. Good advise, to call the one that is on your mind, they might need to hear your voice…they might need a hand up. Love you, Av va.

  2. I’m so sorry that you lost a friend. I’m sorry that her family has lost her. We may drift apart from the people we love, but there are a few I know I can always count on to be there. You are that kind of friend to me, and I’m sure you were to Becca, as well.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. Sending thoughts and prayers your way! Unexpected things like this definitely make me hug my loved ones closer.

  4. I’m so so sorry for your loss! I’m praying for you and sending you peace! My mom reconnected with some high school friends this summer and had an amazing time. She was so happy she got to see them again before unexpected life events could turn up. I’m sending happy thoughts your way. Life can be so tough sometimes.

  5. Oh Amy this breaks my heart! SO sorry to hear about the loss, I know that Becca would never hold this against you and she must know that you are such a sweet/kind person and sometimes people loose touch, but they will always be in our hearts! Sending love your way.

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