Hello, Goodbye.

I’m linking up today with sweet Allie over at Nestful of Love.  As we say howdy to August and sayonara to July, here are a few other things that I am letting in and out of life….

Hello August, Goodbye July.


Hello admin assistant position, Goodbye human resources job.

Hello new, less crowded office, Goodbye office next to my Neighbor.  :(


Hello SnapChat, Goodbye productivity.

Hello new house, Goodbye current house.


Hello down payment, Goodbye savings account balance.

Hello A Week in Winter, Goodbye The Dressmaker.

Hello haircut, goodbye split ends.


What are you saying hello…and goodbye…to these days? 


14 thoughts on “Hello, Goodbye.

  1. I’m so glad you linked up!! Looks like we are both starting house payments…exciting and crazy at the same time right? I want to hear more about your house! And what did you think of The Dressmaker? That’s the one about the Titanic right? I’ve wanted to read it for a while now!!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment…I was quite in love with those flowers too! It looks like you have an amazing month ahead!!!! New job, new home! Congrats, girl!!!!!

  3. Wasn’t able to respond to your comment on my blog since you’re a “no reply blogger” (I can help you fix this!), but this is adorable. Congrats on the new house!! Yay!! I need a haircut badly, too!

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