Here’s to wonderful weekends – like the one that just ended.

It all started Friday night with an Alan Jackson concert.  Ol’ Alan.  I wouldn’t say that he’s my favorite singer, but he has such amazing concert songs.  Of course, that’s how concerts work – even if you don’t love the song when it’s playing on Pandora, you’ll belt it out with 1000+ strangers at a concert.




Kevin and I each had some work to do on Saturday, so I came into the office for a few hours.  While it’s never fun to come in on a weekend, I have noticed that I feel a lot better about Monday when I have a few uninterrupted hours of focused work time on the weekends.  Silver linings, baby.

We also picked out some new appliances for the new house.  You know you’re a grown up when shopping for refrigerators, gas ranges, and washer/dryer sets is a good time.

We met some friends for dinner on Saturday night – BJ’s Brewhouse, which has a novel of a menu. It is borderline ridiculous – like 95 pages long (or 14 – whatever). It was quite a process to narrow down the options, but ultimately I chose the spinach and artichoke pizza.  Yummy, but I’d probably try one of the other 757 options next time.

Then it was off to the ball park.  A handful of Junior League ladies and their families met up to watch a little minor league baseball.  It was fun to get to see some of my favorite gals and meet their significant others and/or kiddos.  And inhale some ice cream – with sprinkles.  I know, I know – I’m crazy.  But it was Saturday night and I decided to really let loose.


Sunday morning I managed to make it to the gym.  For the first time in weeks, thankyouverymuch.  I feel so good after a workout – why do I not make that a priority?  This week will be different.  That’s what I’m telling myself on this optimistic Monday.

Mid-afternoon on Sunday I donned a fancy evening gown, and traveled across town with a priest.  #nobigdeal


The event:  a murder mystery party.  And speaking of parties – yours truly may have been the guilty one.

But more on that later.

The bookend for the weekend was our traditional delicious and relaxing Sunday night dinner with Kevin’s parents.

How was your sweekend?  What made it sweet? 


13 thoughts on “Sweekend.

  1. You are a stunning murderess…and it says something for your allure when you can lure a priest away from his calling…

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