Hi there. White cat here.

I begged and pleaded and fin-al-ly the white female human (we call her Amy) let me – Flo, the loveliest of lovely white cats – do a blog post.  Of course, Amy is typing as I don’t have thumbs.

Flo closeup

Thumbs would be a helpful addition to my life.  Then MAYBE I could get into the great white door that the humans NEVER let me go through.  One time, the door didn’t close all the way (thank you, gust of air conditioner air) and I slipped right in.  There were so many exciting things to crawl in and on – boxes and a big white freezer and golf clubs.  And then I spied an ATTIC.  I’m quite acro-cat-ic so I hopped right up to explore.  It was dusty and dirty but so. much. fun.  I must have been loud though because THEY came bursting in, and the white male human (we call him Kevin) crawled up into the attic to drag me out.  No fair.

It took FOR-E-VER to get all the dust and dirt out of my gorgeous white coat.  White coats don’t clean themselves, you know.  Therefore, I spend approximately 57% of any given day on a single activity – bathing.


Kiki – my roommate – doesn’t bathe nearly as often I do.  I’ve tried to be a good influence but you know what they say, “You can lead a cat to its tongue, but you can’t make it bathe.”  Or something like that.

Back to thumbs.  If I had thumbs, I would be able to get myself as many treats as I wanted.  Currently, I’m forced to wait for Kevin and Amy to get me treats.  Even when I gaze up – all cute like – they don’t give me the entire bag of Greenies.

Flo looking up

Sometimes they talk about BO-R-ING things like budgets and work.  When that happens, I put up my DND paws.

Misc Pictures 012

Most of the time, I don’t rely on them for entertainment.  I find my own fun.

Like sleeping.

Flo white blanket 2

Bird watching.  And keeping tabs on the neighborhood cats.  Most of them are okay but there are a few that really make my tail poof.

Flo looking out window

I seek out interesting nooks and places to sit.






I’m the sole hunter in the house, and it’s a busy job.  Someone has to keep Pat the Penguin, Sardini, Mouse-a-roni, Raccooni, and Wooly Mouse in check.  Those rascals.  {No photos available – I’m too stealthy to be caught on camera.}

There is a fair amount of supervision to do as well.  For example, Kevin would have been LOST without my help while he was setting up lights and candles and rose petals to propose to Amy.  I didn’t see anyone else there, batting the (unlit) candles into their proper positions.


And the spout in the bathtub would likely still be leaking if it weren’t for my superior delegation skills.


When my humans are home, I like to be near them.  They usually provide nice nooks to curl up in and bathe or nap.  And it’s important that they know where I am at all times, just in case they decide to hand out some treats.  I looooove treats. I can hear that bag being rustled from over 50 paces.

I also love when Amy is watching Gossip Girl or Fashion Police – those are my fav-or-ite shows.  And while, in my opinion, the only colors worth wearing are white and pink, she does have some interesting clothes, so I offer fashion consultations.

Misc Pictures 019

I don’t mind.  All in a day’s work, really.

Not a bad life for a white cat.  Even without thumbs.


11 thoughts on “Hi there. White cat here.

  1. Haha! Cats always sleep in the most random of places! Mine sleeps on the backs of my knees too! And has recently taken to curling up in the bathtub?…!

  2. LOVED THIS! (For the record, my cat has been begging me to let him do a blog post too. ;) But I haven’t let him quite yet…). Oh and I love that pick of Flo resting her head on a box of food. Ha, ha. Too cute!

  3. Oh my gosh I want to hear more from Flo! I love her DND paws and how her tail curls up around her when she’s sitting at the door. So sweet and adorable! And definitely curious. I’m in love with your kitty! (PS – I spy a giant tub of sprinkles in the one photo!!)

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  5. Great post Flo! She seems to have some of that bossy personality :) Her eye color is very pretty! What a great picture of her resting on the groceries. I think one of the odder places Eddie has decided to rest is in the sink in our bathroom when we first moved in our house in Raleigh. I should have dug out that picture.

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