See Attle.

{As an aside, credit for the title of this post is due to the son of one of Kevin’s groomsmen.  When he and his wife would talk about preparations for the trip to Seattle for the wedding, their son – who is around 2 years old and understood that he would be home with the grandparents while they were on this trip – would insist to them that he wanted to go “See Attle,” thinking it was a person named Attle and wanting to be part of the adventure in seeing said person.}

We bid farewell to The Empress on the following morning.

Day 8 - Victoria view of The Empress edited

Our chosen mode of transportation this time was the Victoria Clipper bound for Seattle.  The Clipper is a catamaran ferry – so it zips right through the distance.

We wanted to document our time on the Clipper with a nice photograph of each of us.  Mr. Photogenic smiled and the photo angels smiled back. 

Day 8 - Victoria Kevin on Clipper

Me on the other hand….


Top Left: crazy eyes.
Top Right: seductive eyes.
Bottom Left: there are no words.
Bottom Right: Oh, you liked the seductive eyes? Well, there’s more where that came from.

After finally getting a normal picture (not worth sharing), we napped and read and chatted our way into Seattle. 

We stayed at the Inn at the Market which is soooo perfectly located right on Pikes Place Market.  Gorgeous hotel. 

Day 8 - Seattle Inn at the Market courtyard sign

Day 8 - Seattle Inn at the Market sign

We dropped our bags in the room and sprinted right to the Market. 

Day 8 - Seattle Pike's Place Market street view

Day 8 - Seattle Pike's Place Market fish

Day 8 - Seattle Pike's Place Market flowers

Day 8 - Seattle Pike's Place Market flowers close up

The Market is such an experience – bustling with activity, loud and crowded with people, and full of interesting scents and sights.  The fish section is famous, but my favorite area is always the flowers.  Row after row of freshly picked, bright and colorful bouquets.  I do declare – if I lived in Seattle I would plump for a $5 bouquet each week. 

We made our way into the Rub With Love Shack for some tasty pulled pork and clam chowder.  Great food and people watching. 

Day 8 - Seattle Rub with Love Shack

Appetites sated, we next popped into the original Starbucks.   

Misc Pictures 026

Day 8 - Seattle outside original Starbucks

With latte and Pike’s blend in hand, we wandered the wharf. 

Day 8 - Seattle view from wharf

As we were meandering, we spied Cutters Crabhouse, and after one glance at the menu, declared it the perfect spot for our final honeymoon dinner.  We made a reservation for later that evening, and then headed back to the hotel for a nap. 

Dinner was delicious.  I forgot to snap pictures of the food (I know – I’m sad about that too.).  Kevin had a king salmon, I had the lobster gnocchi, and we shared a crab and artichoke dip appetizer and a chocolate dessert. 

And there was wine.

Misc Pictures 030

Bellies full, we took a few extra steps to check out the night view from the roof deck of our hotel. 

Day 8 - Seattle view of Pike's Place Market dusk-like

Day 8 - Seattle roofdeck of Inn at the Market dynamic monochrome

The next morning we had the BEST breakfast at Bacco Cafe.  With coffee and freshly squeezed juice. 

Misc Pictures 031

We had arranged for a town car to get us from our hotel to the airport. 

And the honeymoon was officially concluded. 

It was the best time imaginable.  Getting to explore a few pockets of the Pacific Northwest with that wonderful guy – my husband – was relaxing and entertaining and delicious and simply a dream come true.

We are already excited to go back.

What is your dream vacation? 


14 thoughts on “See Attle.

  1. Ooh, I’ve loved your travel recaps! :) And I love the do-over photo’s that you took, trying to get a perfect one. Ha ha. I do that all the time. It’s amazing how many attempts it takes to get a decent photo sometimes. Ha, ha. Although for the record, I love the seductive eyes shot. LOL! :)

  2. This is an odd thing to think the whole time while reading this, but let’s face it, your baby sister is a little odd. Anyway, who took the pictures of the two of you? Did you hire a photographer to follow you around? or …possibly did you carry a tripod around to set your camera on and set the timer to snap the picture at the opportune moment? (which I find extremely difficult, cuz you stand and smile for an obnoxious about of time, and just when you get tired of smiling you decide to go check the camera, then SNAP, it takes the picture while you are in mid- dash to check why it was taking so long.) Did you get random people off the street to take photos and run the liability of your camera getting stolen or nasty people touching it, therefore possibly catching an awful disease? I love the photos, no matter who took them. :)

  3. Ahhh, the memories :) Jeremy and I spent half of our honeymoon in Seattle, and I want to go back!! I love your pictures :) And, what a perfect ending!

  4. Oh good old Attle. haha. I was supposed to go there four years ago but that never happened so I’m happy to hear about your time there! Although I AM sad that the honeymoon adventure recap is over :( Clearly you need to go on more trips just to share with us! haha ;)

  5. Sounds wonderful! I am definitely thinking I’ll start saving to take my kiddos to Disneyland or maybe even Disney World in the next few years. I also really want to go to Tombstone, AZ with them sometime. I guess I don’t dream too big when it comes to vacations…

  6. Another articulate, enjoyable blog that captured your experience! I felt like I was there sharing your excitement and adventure in Sea Attle!

    Wonderful piece of writing!

    Sent from my iPhone

  7. Is Seattle really this magical, or do you just have really great photo editing software? I always hear the Seattle is cold and raining year round, but your pictures make it look lovely. Now I want to visit! And by the way, I don’t like that we always feel obligated now to Instagram what we’re eating. Sometimes the food is so delicious, you just need to dig in with reckless abandon! :-D

  8. Wow, I will have to a) Add Seattle to my to visit list, and b) Revisit this blog cause I will steal a lot of the sites for our itinerary! It looks so fun!

  9. Hahaha! Your photos – that looks like a series of photos that would happen of me. ;) And your comment about the “photo angels smiling back” at your husband cracked me up. Ah good times. Also, it looks like you guys had so much fun! I have a couple of friends who live in Seattle and I love all of the cool stuff there is there. I really want to visit the original Starbucks someday! :)

  10. I would probably be more interested in the flowers than the fish as well. They look better and they smell better. It’s been fun reading about your wedding and honeymoon. I’m sad that your honeymoon is over and I wasn’t even there.

  11. Lobster gnocchi sounds spectacular!! Sounds like an amazing honeymoon :) Also this is really random, but has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like Lisa Kudrow? From Friends?

  12. YAY this is my favorite honeymoon recap of them all!! Love all your Seattle pictures! What an amazing time, so glad you got to experience the market. I always find at least 50cents in there..HAHA!

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