An afternoon in Victoria, BC.

We arrived in Victoria early afternoon and checked into our hotel – the famous and elegant Empress.  Majestic and cloaked in ivy – she’s quite a gal. 

Day 6 - Victoria arriving at The Empress

Day 6 - Victoria The Empress ivy

The gentleman at the front desk who checked us in sold us on upgrading to the “Gold Room” club level.  Normally an extra $200 a night tacked on to the room rate, and we could get it for a bargain $50 extra a night.  It included access to the Gold Room Lounge, where there was breakfast each morning, snacks through the day, and appy’s in the evening.  We also had access to the Gold Level concierge for questions, reservations, check out, and other services. 

{Upgrading turned out to be a wise decision.  We would have spent a fair amount on breakfast each morning away from the hotel, and the concierge perk was nice for printing out tickets and itineraries for our various activities.  Not to mention that I ate $50 worth of cheese and shrimp during one of the appy hours alone.  I love cheese just as much as I love fish, chips, and chowder.  But I digress.  It was worth $50 a night.  It would not have been worth $200.} 

Our room was small (especially compared to the huge room we’d had in Sidney) but nicely appointed.  It boasted a garden view AND a harbor view. 


We ate lunch at the Bengal Lounge, located within The Empress.  It had a really nice Indian buffet (per Kevin as I tend to not prefer Indian food), and a good menu for someone not interested in Indian cuisuine.  I had chowder (surprise, surprise).  The restaurant was decorated well and it was a cozy place to be while the rain pitter-patted the windows around us.

Misc Pictures 040

The rainy day was the perfect excuse to head straight to the Royal British Columbia Museum, conveniently located just across the street from our hotel. 

Misc Pictures 041

The main exhibit was the story of the British and Norwegian race to the South Pole.  It was very well done and engaging.  We wandered through the majority of the other exhibits in the museum and snapped a few pictures of the view (below is the Government building which I think is very pretty) before we had to dash back to the hotel for our couples massage. 

Day 6 - Victoria government building view from museum

Another item from our honeymoon gift registry, the massage was something we had scheduled at the spa in The Empress in advance and were quite excited about.  First we took a dip in the mineral pool.  I had not brought a swimsuit on the trip and therefore had to purchase a “disposable suit” from the spa – a highly flattering blueish-purple one-piece that was made from shower-cap type material.  Fortunately, my husband was the only other person in the mineral pool when I was sporting that beauty, and he may not have claimed me in it, but he was legally bound to me nonetheless. 

The massages were very relaxing and enjoyable.  And had caused us to really work up an appetite.  Therefore they simply had to be followed up by a trip to The Veranda cafe on the first level of The Empress.  We dined al fresco with an overhead heater taming the chill of the evening air.  We shared a generous helping of mussels and gazed out at the harbor. 

Day 6 - Victoria Kevin at The Veranda

Day 6 - Victoria mussels at The Veranda 

A perfectly delicious conclusion to our first day in Victoria.


14 thoughts on “An afternoon in Victoria, BC.

  1. This hotel looks lovely, and I loved the view from your room! Also, Robyn would be proud of your use of the phrase “I do not prefer.” Good work!


  2. EEEKK I love Victoria! I went last November and loved the town. I am so glad you stayed in this gorgeous hotel, I lusted over the ivy growing on the outside!! I stayed a few hotels down, but was right next door!

  3. Visiting BC is on my must-list, so of course, I am in love with your pictures! What a beautiful hotel, and what a relaxing and wonderful honeymoon you had! It is making me want to take a vacation, like, now.

  4. You pretty much stayed in a castle! That place looks incredible! :-D And a massage sounds nice. I’ve never had a real, professional massage because I’m always afraid I’ll be too ticklish or unprofessional somehow. I only had a pedicure ONCE (for senior prom, I think?) and I giggled the whole way through it and kept jerking my foot away from the salon lady…kind of embarrassing.

  5. I stayed at that place once with my grandma. It’s gorgeous! We did high tea and at one point I got food poisoning and I remember the really handsome house doctor coming to check on me. :) Good times.

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