Seaside Sidney.

Our second stop on our honeymoon tour of the Pacific Northwest was Sidney, British Columbia.  The Washington ferry has a direct route from Friday Harbor on San Juan Island to Sidney, so a night in Sidney seemed like a must before we headed on to Victoria, BC.  Especially when we found out that Sidney is considered the bookstore capital of the Northwest and boasts around twelve bookshops within a four block radius.  Sold – to the bookworms on their honeymoon.

We left our home sweet island home mid-morning.  The ferry ride was a couple of hours so we entertained ourselves by admiring the gorgeous scenery and eating leftover cupcakes from our dessert buffet. 

Misc Pictures 006

Misc Pictures 007

We arrived in Sidney and were able to walk to our hotel from the ferry docking point. It was an easy walk – even in the misty rain that was falling as we pulled suitcases behind us like small children who had run away from home. 

Misc Pictures 008

The Sidney Pier Hotel was impressive – a large glass structure, nestled right by the water.  This was the view from our room:

Day 5 - Sidney view from Sidney Pier Hotel

We immediately set out to explore.  First order of business – find food.  There was this cute place just to the side of our hotel named “The Rum Runner,” and I regaled Kevin with movie quotes from Pirates of the Caribbean in my best Johnny Depp voice.  (“But why is the rum gone?”)

We started the meal with an Arnold Palmer and some locally brewed root beer.

Misc Pictures 009

…before moving on to the main event:  a massive fish taco for him and fish and chips for me [you’ll notice that fish and chips and chowder are a recurring theme for me during my time in the PNW]. 

Misc Pictures 010

Misc Pictures 011

We chuckled and eyed each other knowingly while inadvertently eavesdropping on the older couple at the table next to ours.  They were in their late seventies or early eighties and totally reminded us of ourselves.  “Yep – that’s us in fifty years,” we were both thinking. 

After lunch we spied an open house sign, and decided we simply had to see what a Sidney townhouse was all about.  We LOVE open houses, so it was simply so “us” to spend a few minutes wandering through a place on our honeymoon.  There was also an open house on the residence side of the hotel building, so we looked at that place too.  Maybe someday we’ll make our way back to Sidney to live. 

We then explored the grassy park behind our hotel, admiring the view and the artwork. 


We decided to explore the main street in town – Beacon Street – and hit up a few of those bookstores.  There certainly were plenty to choose from.  We didn’t buy any books, but we had a great time perusing the options. 

Sidney was such a cute little city.  The people were so friendly, it was very clean and well-kept, and overall, we agreed that we could see ourselves living there someday.  There are places you like to visit but would never live – Sidney wasn’t one of those places.  It seemed very livable. 

Lots of statues.  And we do love imitating art…


Dinner was low-key.  We picked up a couple of pizzas from a local place and carried them back to our hotel.  Looking back, we agree that it was one of our favorite dinners of the trip.  Just some pizza, a lovely hotel room with a view, and excellent company (if we do say so ourselves). 

Day 5 - Sidney pizza

The following day, we wandered back down Beacon Street, stopping in at a few of the bookstores which had been closed the day before.  Our favorite included the friendly Rosabelle, guard cat who also served as the head of customer service.  Not a bad life for a cat….

Day 6 - Sidney Beacon Books Rosabelle 2

We then bid farewell to Sidney and hopped a bus bound for Victoria….

What types of shops do you explore when you visit new towns?  Bookstores like us, or are you more drawn to clothes, souvenirs, or some other good?


13 thoughts on “Seaside Sidney.

  1. I love this. What a fun little stop! I, too, am a book store fanatic. Seriously, I just love them. When we were in Europe, I finally told Laura to make me stop buying books because they were too heavy to add to my darn backpack and then lug all over the continent!

    Oh, love the statue pictures. Love.

  2. Sounds like an amazing trip! These pictures of you and the statues are awesome. I love a good bookstore in any locale, and some of the best deals I’ve ever gotten have been small towns on my way to somewhere else. I got my first copy of Gone With The Wind at a bookstore called Tara somewhere between Albuquerque and San Antonio.

  3. I LOVE the very first picture you posted, with the fuzzy/antique-looking effects. So pretty. It’s also exciting that you both like looking through old bookstores. My husband is not quite as much of a book fanatic as I am, so he humors me for awhile…but at a certain point, he can’t take it anymore and he drags me away. I also love the cat photo! It is my dream to own a bookstore when I am a very old lady, and sell all of the books that I’ve collected over the years, and have a little place with dusty shelves and cats sitting on windowsills….sigh. :-)

  4. That first picture of you guys holding hands with your new rings showing is seriously the cutest thing ever. I also love those red velvet cupcakes, but that’s just the foodie in me! I’ve always wanted to go to British Columbia! I really need to take notes about everything you say. All of your wedding/honeymoon looks so gorgeous!

  5. I have almost no standards when it comes to which stores I’ll explore while on vacation. Of course, I love books, but I also love browsing through new/different shops. I just never know what I might find!!

    It looks like you had a wonderful honeymoon, and I cannot wait to hear more about your adventures. The pictures are awesome, and like most commenters above, I adore the first one. So honeymoon-like!

  6. So cute that you guys found your future-couple-selves! I love it! Your fish ‘n chips look delicious! Great choice. And I love that one of your favorite dinners was just pizza at the hotel. We did the same thing for a late night snack twice on our honeymoon and it was absolutely perfect. :)

  7. The imitations are fabulous :) especially the one from behind. Also, I am officially hungry after this post. What I wouldn’t give for a giant fish taco!

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