Day trip to Orcas Island.

For the first day of our honeymoon, we decided to make a day trip from San Juan Island to Orcas Island.  So we hopped a ferry.

Misc Pictures 001

Day 4 - Orcas Ferry Terminal

Once on Orcas, we ate lunch at a small place just up the road from the ferry.  Fish and chips and chowder?  Yes, please.  Don’t mind if I do. Especially with the view – inside and out.

Day 4 - Orcas lunch

Day 4 - Orcas boat

We investigated our options for being transported around the island.  Rental options were limited, and while the mini-van was tempting, we opted for a taxi service instead.  There were two taxi companies on the island.  Our first phone call found Karen on the other end of the phone – she said she’d send a driver to the ferry terminal to pick us up.  So we waited.  For about 25 minutes.  And then we called to check on the status said driver.  Per Karen, he’d be there in a few minutes.  Sure enough – Eric came skidding to a stop in front of us, explaining that Karen (who we learned was his wife) had let him go fishing that morning and he had to shower before coming to pick us up.  I’m sure it was worth the wait. 

Eric was quite helpful and chatty [and clean], giving us info about the island and his various entrepreneurial pursuits, as he drove us to Orcas Island Pottery.  Together, we set a time for him to come back to pick us up, and then we started exploring. 

If you are ever on Orcas Island, or even in the general vicinity, take the time to check out Orcas Island Pottery.  The setting is absolutely breathtaking.  Piece after piece of pottery stretches out on the lot, hidden in little wood barns, decorating the tops of rustic picnic tables, filling shelves, and hanging on nearly every inch of wall space.  The options span the entire range of shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and prices.  Climb up into the treehouse.  Admire the view on the backside of the property.  And be sure to seek out Max, the owner/mascot/head-of-security. 

Day 4 - Orcas Pottery Max

Day 4 - Orcas Pottery 2

Day 4 - Orcas Pottery 4

Day 4 - Orcas Pottery 5

Day 4 - Orcas Pottery 7

Day 4 - Orcas Pottery 6

Day 4 - Orcas Pottery 9

Day 4 - Orcas Pottery 3 Treehouse

Day 4 - Orcas Pottery 10

Day 4 - Orcas Pottery Amy & Kevin 3

We had registered for pottery from Orcas Island Pottery on our honeymoon registry (Traveler’s Joy is the site we used).  It was daunting as we wandered amongst the pottery, pointing out pieces that caught our eye.  Ultimately, these were our choices:

Day 4 - Orcas Pottery purchases

The brown and green vase now sits on a shelf in our living room, Kevin drank coffee out of that mug this very morning, and the red, gold, and blue vase was a gift for Kevin’s parents. 

We met our buddy Eric after making our purchases.   He drove us into Eastsound, where we spent a few hours perusing shops, admiring the views, and drinking the best vanilla latte I’ve ever consumed. 

Day 4 - Orcas labyrinth

Day 4 - Orcas Eastsound sailboat

Day 4 - Orcas signs

Day 4 - Orcas looking out

After a delicious dinner, we met up again with Eric and he sets out to drive us to the ferry terminal.  Along the way, he says, “I have to drop off some stuff at a friend’s house.  Do you mind?”  We say no.  He then veers off the paved road and drives through a deserted stretch of forest to a small house, surrounded by an assortment of debris and cars that appear to have seen better days.  I’m thinking, “This seems like the beginning of a horror movie,” as Eric runs a bag of lottery scratchers and Mountain Dew into the house.  I’m mentally formulating an escape plan for Kevin and me as Eric comes back to the taxi and drives back onto paved road.  Whew.  Real-life horror avoided. 

We’re early, and pass the time by taking pictures of bunnies and eating a pint of ice cream with two plastic spoons. 

Day 4 - Orcas bunny 2

Misc Pictures 002

The sunset followed the ferry back to San Juan Island, creating a perfect backdrop to close out the day.

Misc Pictures 003

How do you pass the time when traveling (especially if there are no bunnies)?  Did you spot a favorite piece of pottery in the pictures above? 


10 thoughts on “Day trip to Orcas Island.

  1. Whoa! This looks amazing! And that pottery place could have been very very bad if I had been there. I probably would have spent 1 million dollars (in case you are wondering, I don’t have 1 million dollars!)

  2. Oh my gosh….these pictures are amazing! Loving the honeymoon recap as much as the wedding one. YAY!!

    I love the big pitchers in the window. They are all so pretty. I don’t know how you would have ever decided which ones to get!

  3. Oh those pictures are breathtaking! I also am a huge fan of pottery. I could not have left that shop empty handed! I love the idea of a day trip to an island! That’s the perfect change of scenery with tons of things to do!

  4. I kind of think life is so mean when you have the BEST (fill in the blank) EVER on vacation… because I mean, the likelihood of getting to consume that item again in the near future is practically squat!

  5. I think I would have had a very tough time choosing one piece of pottery to take home – they are all so gorgeous and one of a kind. I love the pieces you chose. I think it will be pretty special when your husband brings you some flowers on your anniversary to put in the vase you got from your honeymoon! As for passing time while traveling – I love having a good book to read. I still remember the moment I finished “Memoirs of a Geisha” the first time and how odd it was to come back to reality with 30 minutes left on my flight home.

  6. I’m probably just a crazy cat person, but I LOVE the picture of Max! And I love the pottery you chose–beautiful! :-) I’ve never been anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, but now you have me wanting to go!

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