What will be known as “The Great Flood of 2013”.

When Kevin and I returned home from our wedding/honeymoon trip, we were greeted at the door by our cats. They were a little angry at us for being gone so long, but suffer they had not. A lovely family friend stayed with them while we were away and she tends to be very generous with the “snacks”.

So the cats were fine, the house was fine, and all appeared well. Except…there was water running somewhere. {A pipe burst in my backyard one night a couple of years ago and ever since I woke up to the sound of running water on that occasion, I have a finely tuned ear for THAT noise. So as soon as we walked in the door, I turned all bloodhound, intent on tracking the scent – or sound, whatev.}

It didn’t take long to hunt it down. 

This is what we know:

  • the garden hose was on
  • water was flowing steadily into the pond in the backyard
  • the pond was overflowing
  • the ground surrounding the pond was soaked like dirt in the desert is never soaked
  • the fish were all belly-up

This is what we don’t know:

  • how the hose made its way into the pond
  • who turned on the water
  • how long the hose had been in the pond with the water on
  • how slow and painful it is for a fish to die in fresh, cold water
  • how ridiculously high our water bill is going to be

*Note:  This is a picture from earlier this spring which does in fact include the scene of the crime, the weapon fully loaded with ammunition, and live fish (you can catch glimpses of them in the pond). 

A hypothesis is that one of our housesitter’s grandkids came over (as they frequently do when she’s at our place), noticed that the pond was getting low, kindly decided to fill it, and forgot that they had kindly decided to fill it.  We asked the housesitter if she had noticed anything strange with the pond and she said no.  We didn’t have the heart to question her further – she would have felt terrible and solving the mystery wasn’t worth that. 

Frank (or Fred – we can’t seem to remember the dude’s name) the frog is fine.  He has been croaking up a storm actually.  I’m not sure if he’s mourning the death of his fish friends, or if he’s all, “Hey lady frogs – hop on over…I’ve got the pond to myself.” 

The most terrible thing about “The Great Flood of 2013” (at least until the water bill comes – that could trump it all) is the poor fish.  We’d had those fish for several years and while they didn’t show too much personality, wit, or charm, I hate that they had to die such a cold and senseless death.   

And now…a moment of silence.  May they rest in peace.  And our budget be able to handle the water bill.


12 thoughts on “What will be known as “The Great Flood of 2013”.

  1. I’m super sad about your fish. What an awful thing to come home too. I do, however, love your deductive reasoning and bullet-point “here’s what we know / here’s what we don’t”. You, my friend, are pretty funny.

  2. I feel terrible about those fish. How sad! And I have to admit: as soon as I read about the hose being left on all that time, I immediately thought: “Oh my goodness, the WATER BILL!!!” I hope it is not as bad as you imagine (after all, they are usually pretty cheap, right?!?!?!). Keep us posted!!

  3. I feel terrible, but at the same time I was cracking up during this post! Hopefully your water bill isn’t too high. We did this once for a few days when we took a mini vacation! The water bill was outrageous! The grass is probably thanking you though!

  4. I find it interesting that Frank (a.k.a Fred) hasn’t come up as a suspect in this.
    He was there the entire time, he had a motive (control of the pond), and his increased croaking could be nerves or an attempt at forging an alibi. The fact that he hasn’t been clear about his real name makes him a shady character at best. Put that frog on a lie detector.

    In all seriousness, I’m sorry about the fish, and very happy nothing else was damaged.

  5. Oh no, the poor fish! And your poor water bill!!! I hope it isn’t too high. (And I have to agree with Katherine… I feel terrible but I was cracking up during this post too). Ha, ha. :)

  6. Oh no, how terrible for those fish! I hope your bill is okay as well. When I read the title I totally thought it was going to be inside the house. I’m so glad it was just the pond!

  7. OH no! This is a horrible surprise right after returning from your honeymoon. I hope the heat wave we’re having will help the area around the pond dry out a little and recover. By the way, it is SO COOL that you guys have a pond in your backyard!

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