05.24.2013 – Post-ceremony in photos.


Misc Pictures 309

Misc Pictures 310

Family Photos:

Misc Pictures 320

Misc Pictures 325

Misc Pictures 333

Wedding Party Photos:

Misc Pictures 360

Misc Pictures 355

Drinking cocktails & eating appetizers:

Misc Pictures 385

Misc Pictures 388


Misc Pictures 380

Misc Pictures 458

Misc Pictures 461

Misc Pictures 483

Speeches: (check out a video on Tiff’s blog – here)

Misc Pictures 525

Misc Pictures 530

First Dance:

Misc Pictures 561

Perception: we’re sharing a sweet moment, whispering lovey-dovey things.
Reality: my dress came un-bustled and we were both dancing all over it.
Still special.

Color Ceremony:  (a sunset event at Roche Harbor) 

Misc Pictures 591

Misc Pictures 601

Guestbook (Canvas) Signing:

Misc Pictures 433

Misc Pictures 486


Misc Pictures 415

Bride-and-Groom Photos:

Misc Pictures 632

Misc Pictures 647

Misc Pictures 660

Misc Pictures 666

Tearin’ it up:

Misc Pictures 684

Misc Pictures 692

Misc Pictures 690

Misc Pictures 691

Pictures and words don’t do it justice.  It was an amazing day.


8 thoughts on “05.24.2013 – Post-ceremony in photos.

  1. OMG. Best one yet. BEST ONE. I missed several of these photos. Here are my thoughts.

    1. I forgot how beautiful Sue’s dress was. Tell her that for me.

    2. I missed seeing the picture of you and Kevin where you can also see your reflection in the water. Amazing.

    3. I also missed the dancing pictures. The one of Aunt Sandy? Kills me. The one of me doing something stupid and your mom making the exact same face? Priceless.

    4. Please don’t tell me this means the wedding blogs are over? I can’t take that. WHY GOD, WHY!?!?

  2. Gorgeous. So dang gorgeous! Not sure how many times I can oooh and ahhh. (Okay, a ton!)

    By the way, I love both of the mothers’ outfits. So pretty and love the colors!

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