05.24.2013 – I do.

After the first look, we met up with the wedding party to take a few pictures in the garden.  Just your typical Friday afternoon photo shoot.

Misc Pictures 147

Misc Pictures 148

Misc Pictures 151

Misc Pictures 168

Then it was time for the ceremony.  Kevin and I stole a moment alone – just enough time for a selfie.


The ceremony was short and sweet.  Probaby 20 minutes all inclusive – processional, ceremony, recessional.  Boom.  Done. 

My sweet and funny Aunt Sandy is a district judge and performed the ceremony. Kevin and his parents walked in to Windstrings (an instrumental trio) playing Canon in D.  Then the bridesmaids and groomsmen walked in, and finally my parents and I did.  At some point, Windstrings switched to an instrumental version of A Thousand Years, by Christina Perry. 

Misc Pictures 201

Misc Pictures 203




This groom.  *Sigh*



We started with vows: 

On this day,

I give you my heart,

My promise,

That I will walk with you,

Hand in hand,

Wherever our journey leads us,

That I will nurture your dreams,

Help you shoulder our challenges,

And share with you the joys of life.

I promise to love and care for you,

And I will try in every way to be worthy of your love,

For all the days of my life.

Then we put letters that we had written to one another in an empty wine bottle – we’ll read the letters on our fifth wedding anniversary.  And then we’ll write another set of letters to read on our tenth anniversary and so on and so forth every five years forever. 

Misc Pictures 256

And finally, the exchanging of rings. 

I give you this ring as a symbol of our marriage

For today, tomorrow, and all the days to come.

Wear it as a sign of what we have promised today,

And know that my love is present, even when I am not.

With this ring, I thee wed.

Misc Pictures 270

Misc Pictures 271

And then he kissed his bride.

Misc Pictures 276

And there was a recessional to What a Wonderful World. 

The recessional included high fives, chest bumps, etc. courtesy of the wedding party.

Misc Pictures 346


It was perfect – even (or maybe especially) during the imperfect parts.  Those are some of my favorite pictures from the day.  Like when a plane flew overhead, and we had to pause so it didn’t drown out what we were saying:


Or when I got lost in Kevin’s eyes during the ring ceremony and said, “Wait…what??” during one of the repeat-after-me phrases.

Misc Pictures 251

My husband and I agree – it was an absolutely wonderful day.


14 thoughts on “05.24.2013 – I do.

  1. OMG. Is it possible that the blog is even better than the real thing? Probably not, but I feel like it’s close. This. Is. Amazing. I just love it so much!

  2. This really does look like a wedding out if a catalog! I cannot get enough of your dress, the bridesmaids dresses (amazing), the scenery. You must want to spend hours and hours looking at these and re-living every moment. What a gorgeous wedding!

  3. That last one is one of my favirote pictures! It’s so natural. I love the 5 year letter idea! I can only imagine what my husband would write though. Probably something like “So I guess we’re still together” or “You’re getting old”. I am sure Kevin’s letter to you is much more beautiful though and it will probably make you cry and before you know it you will have read ten of those letters.

  4. I have always thought I’d zone out during vows and be like “oh crap, you asked me something? I was supposed to say something?” haha

    I love the letter idea! So cool!

    As always, gorgeous photos ;)

  5. Oh I love this! I really can’t get enough of your wedding. It was so beautiful from top to bottom. Perfect day for a perfect couple. I adore the picture after the “wait…what?” moment, it’s beautiful!

  6. Oh friend, I got chills reading this. You two are so beautiful together and I am so happy for you! Beautiful vows. And I love that you guys wrote letters to each other to open on your five year anniversary! Christopher wrote a series of notes to me over the week before we got married and gave them to me on our one year anniversary. I had no idea that he had done it. It was so precious. I definitely cried reading those, haha! Anyway, this is all so beautiful, sweet friend!

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