Bloggers Like Us – No Place Like Home.

I am linking up with Nicole over at Just Live It for this month’s edition of Bloggers Like Us. She provides a topic and anyone and everyone who wants to participate links to her blog with a picture and response.

This month we’re talking about home and how there is simply no place like it.

I agree with Dorothy. Traveling is an amazing adventure (whether it’s to Oz, a neighboring city, or somewhere in-between), but there is no place like home. Literally – since we all have different homes, there is not a single exact duplication to be found!

So without further ado – this is home.


Home is where Kevin proposed in September of 2012.  Home has a pond and waterfall in the backyard, where beautiful birds come to play and hydrate.  Home has a raised bed planter on the front porch, which housed the mutant pansies {seriously – those things would NOT die.  They were supposed to fade out in February and were still going strong in May when we finally replaced them.}  Home has a beautiful backyard – perfect for reading on the deck during a lazy Sunday morning or grilling a twilight dinner during the hot summer months.  Home has a lot of windows to the world outside for our two cats to gaze out of – and provide plenty of sun spots for them to lounge in.

This post is bittersweet for me.  Kevin and I made an offer on a house and it has been accepted.  So we’ll be moving soon.  A new house.  A new neighborhood.  A house that we picked out together – that we can customize and make our own.  It’s exciting and scary and everything that buying a house should be.  But we’re sad to leave our current place.  It has been the very definition of home sweet home.  And there will never be another place quite like it.


8 thoughts on “Bloggers Like Us – No Place Like Home.

  1. Wow your back yard is gorgeous. Congratulations on your new home! Big news! I’m sure you will enjoy it, just in a different way than your current house. There will be many new memories to make there!! :)

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  3. My fiance and I just bought our first home together, and we moved in this past weekend! Bittersweet is the perfect description – it’s exciting to move forward…but slightly sad to feel like your abandoning your first home together. Congrats – I wish you luck and hope that everything goes smoothly!

  4. I can understand the bittersweet feeling. Moving from a place that´s been home for a while can be difficult, especially with all the great memories, but I have no doubt that your new home will be just as amazing and filled with new sweet memories:-)

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