05.24.2013 – To first look or not to first look.

First looks are completely a matter of personal preference. Kevin and I decided to do a first look before the ceremony. Mainly because if I was feeling emotional on that particular day (hey, it could happen), I could get the ugly cry out of the way early.

The first look was just me and him. And Mike our awesome photographer. And Tessa was nearby. And a whole bunch of strangers gathered around watching.

{It was weird – we had sooooo many strangers take pictures of us through the wedding day. Some would just kind of hover and snap away. Others stopped us to ask if they could take our picture.}

Maybe we looked famous. Natalie Portman (that’s who would play me in the movie) and Matt Damon (obviously) tying the knot.

Anyway. We did the first look. I did not have any pictures of this to share. Until earlier this week when all 700 pictures arrived from our photographer. So here are a few favs from our first look.

Misc Pictures 114

Misc Pictures 118

Misc Pictures 124

Misc Pictures 128

Misc Pictures 130

Misc Pictures 134

Misc Pictures 137

Misc Pictures 140

Life is full of first looks, but this one was my all-time favorite.


10 thoughts on “05.24.2013 – To first look or not to first look.

  1. OMG. Your pictures (and your wedding, actually) make my ring finger hurt. You know, like when cute babies make your ovaries hurt? Except not babies here, weddings. So ring finger. Yep.

  2. Oh his face just lights up when he sees you! I love it! We had our “first look” before the ceremony too. Mostly because I wanted LOTS of pictures, but didn’t want our guests to have to wait a long time before we showed up at the reception. I’m really glad we decided to do that too. My makeup and hair were fresh and perfect. And we had that moment just for the two of us (well, and our photographer and videographer, haha). It was wonderful! :)

  3. I love love love these pictures, another one that you should include is the one from the balcony, I’m not sure which bridesmaid took it, but I love love it also….

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