05.24.2013 – Primping and prepping.

I woke up early on the morning of the wedding. A girl doesn’t get married everyday, after all.

Sweet texts had already started blowing up my phone – friends and family who couldn’t be there to celebrate proved that out of sight does NOT mean out of mind. My support system is pretty much the most awesome group of people in the world.

Tessa, Kevin, and I went to the courtyard/pavilion area (where the cocktail hour and reception were to take place) to set out the reception programs, the adorable little sail boat place card holders, and the place cards themselves.


The place card holder with place card indicating the assigned table.
No name shown because, well, this is the internet.

We opted for two long tables that seated around 25 at each table. The tables were labeled with names – Roche Harbor and Friday Harbor. There were white linens, with black table runners. Six centerpieces – three on each table. White chairs.

Then we went to breakfast. And simply enjoyed our morning. And eggs Benedict with crab.

These are the things that I did not have to worry about on the wedding day weekend:

  • Decorating – A wonderful vendor named Slava took care of that by hanging white lights and white paper lanterns. Well, and God – because the place is just gorgeous to begin with.
  • Setting up tables, chairs, and place settings (Roche Harbor did that.)
  • The fact that the black table runners we ordered were not on said tables (Tessa coordinated with the event people to get that corrected – and poof! Runners were on tables.)
  • FlowersRobin’s Nest in Friday Harbor did a lovely job with the bridesmaids bouquets, corsages for the moms, and boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen. And Tessa delivered all those flowers to the appropriate people. Robin’s Nest also made centerpieces for the tables.

Wedding Day - Centerpieces

  • Dessert – Rather than a traditional cake, we opted for a dessert bar with cake pops-decorated like little brides and grooms, naturally; red velvet cupcakes; and mini-chocolate cups filled with white chocolate mousse. Cakes by Felicitations artfully crafted the desserts and delivered them to the venue.
  • Food – The top-notch catering team at Roche Harbor prepared a spread that was unbelievably delicious. Prime rib, salmon, potatoes, asparagus, build your own mac & cheese bar…. Preceded by some of the best appetizers I’ve ever had. Oysters on a half shell, surf & turf canapes, fig leaf something or others, lamb in this amazing rich sauce. Oh and crab and artichoke tartlets, of which I may have eaten half a dozen or so.
  • Windstrings – This amazing trio of musicians came in from Seattle to play during the ceremony and cocktail hour. They had played at Roche Harbor before and were very prepared and reliable. Also, they sounded wonderful and made the atmosphere feel oh-so-classy (in my opinion).
  • Hair & makeup – Shawna did my makeup, and she did a fabulous job. It looks nice in the photos and is noticeable, but wasn’t over-the-top or too much for someone like me, who goes for a very natural look when it comes to dressing the face. The spa at Roche Harbor sent two hairstylists up to my room. The hair stylists took excellent care of my mom, Kevin’s mom, the four bridesmaids, and myself.



  • Photographer – Our photographer from Powers Studios arrived early on the morning of the wedding and he was simply wonderful to work with all day. And you’ve seen some of his work. We picked a good ‘un there! He indulged my requests for specific pictures (like the one of my bridesmaids seeing me all dressed up for the first time, and the one of the bridesmaids in our matching “getting ready” shirts), had creative ideas, and was directive and to-the-point without being bossy.
  • Schedules – Honest to goodness, Tessa was such a lifesaver. I’m a bit OCD and totally Type-A, so I’d drafted a little schedule for the week. Tessa kept us on that schedule. She coordinated it all and Kevin and I could just relax and enjoy the day.

Instead of worrying about that, I could focus on things like having a bridezilla moment and dictating what my bridesmaids had to wear while getting ready.


Shirts are from Old Navy and they have little blue anchors all over. I knew I wanted oversize men’s shirts monogrammed with the first letter of each girl’s first name. When I stumbled across anchor shirts on Old Navy.com, I had to get them.

{It was so convenient that nautical stuff like stripes and anchors were en vogue during the era of my wedding, which was held on a harbor with boats and stuff. Unplanned, but worked out very nicely. Of course, now this means my wedding can be dated. It’s like the avocado green appliances of wedding decor in 2013. People can look at pictures and be all, “Oh, there are anchors. This is such a spring/summer 2013 wedding.”}

Tessa and my mom helped me get ready in my parents room while the bridesmaids got ready in my room. Then the photographer got them all set up with their backs to the door, I walked in, and they turned around. It was so fun to see their faces! The picture that the photographer caught of their reactions was so perfect. If you haven’t already seen it, click on the link above under my not-stressing-about-the-photographer-blurb and it will take you to Powers Studio’s blog.


The dress. I loved all the sweet comments and guesses that occurred after this blog post. Ultimately, I went with Audrey here because she:

  1. Was about half the price of Grace.
  2. Was lighter (the longer train and beading on Grace really weighed her down), which was important since I was going to be carrying it onto a plane, ferry, and multiple shuttles.
  3. Was less likely to look wrinkled after all that travel (the ruching on bodice of the dress is both flattering and great for disguising wrinkles).
  4. Was the dress that I felt the most right about when I first tried dresses on in October.

Trust me, there were moments after ordering Audrey that I thought to myself, “Did I choose the wrong one? Should I have gone with the open back and lace of Grace?” So it was a tough decision. But I really am happy with the dress I chose. I love it and it served me well. Also, Kevin said that it was his favorite from the beginning (I showed him pictures when I was looking and he would only say, “No comment,” because he wanted me to choose a dress that I loved and not be swayed by his input). He may just be saying that because he’s the nicest guy in the world, but he’s also honest and wouldn’t make that remark just for the sake of making it. So I think he’s telling the truth.

Anyway. After the bridesmaids’ first look, it was Kevin’s turn….


{I know the wedding posts seem never-ending. I’m trying to keep them reasonable in length, but I want to get a fair amount of detail so Kevin and I can read about our wedding when we’re too old to actually remember it. :) Thanks for sticking with me!}

{Also, I was a bit preoccupied on the wedding day and didn’t take many pictures of my own. Therefore, several of the pictures in this post are courtesy of other people. Namely, Lisa and Joy.}


12 thoughts on “05.24.2013 – Primping and prepping.

  1. Don’t you dare even think for a second about apologizing for there being too many posts. Sister, when I get married, I’ll probably dedicate a year to the blogs. Starting with the billboard announcing said engagement. You’re very low key. :)

  2. I second Tiffany – there will never be enough wedding posts! And I have to say – your wedding was so classy and timeless, definitely no avocado green appliance vibe whatsoever. The sailboat theme is perfect, and the colors you used were classic. The black table runners – so elegant! I am loving the picture of the two moms getting their hair done, what a good bonding moment for them. :) Definitely looking forward to more of these posts! I couldn’t be there, so the multiple posts will be an awesome way for me to imagine I was there.

  3. Your dress is gorgeous and I think it fits you perfectly!! I love the one you chose. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the over sized men’s shirts from Old Navy, they are adorable! I LOVE that idea!

  4. Several of my co-workers,(who don’t even know about your fasination with Grace and Audrey) commented on the pictures that I was continuously passing around school, that you looked like a movie star from the 50’s. Mission complete……

  5. Oh I don’t mind at all! I love reading all the details of you guys’ special weekend! And the pictures are just the icing on the cake! I really like the shirts you picked out with the anchors – so cute! Also, I think you made a great choice on the dress – it really is about the one you put on and it just feels RIGHT! :)

  6. I love reading about the all the little details that go in to planning a wedding. It was one of the most exciting times of my life when I planned my own, and when I get to read about other beautiful nuptials, it brings me right back to those happy months.

    I probably said it before, but your dress is simply wonderful. It is perfect on you, and it was an excellent choice.

  7. So what was the “genius” suggestion Shawna made about the dress? You look so gorgeous!

    And I’m with everyone else – I could read about your wedding every single day!

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