Planes, ferries, and automobiles.

Getting from the desert to the Pacific Northwest is a trek.  First there was a flight to Seattle, with a layover between starting point and destination.  First leg of said flight left at 6:15 AM – that’s an early morning.


Caffeine was therefore a necessity.


We ran into Joy and Todd on the layover.  Joy was already super excited for the wedding festivities.


Since around 25 of our guests were traveling out with us on Wednesday, Kevin and I decided to charter a shuttle to take our group from the Seattle airport to Anacortes, a coastal town where the ferry terminal lives.


At the ferry, my stepdad was oh-so-generous and bought tickets for the entire group, which made the process really seamless.


Finally, once the ferry docked in Friday Harbor, we all loaded people and luggage into two San Juan Transit buses, which Kevin and I had commissioned to take us from Friday Harbor to Roche Harbor on the other side of the island.


Home sweet wedding home.

I was nervous on travel day.  Travel can be nerve-wracking.  I found that when 23+ people are dependent upon the travel accommodations that you personally arranged AND you’re hauling around a dress, it is likely that one will be completely exhausted by the end of the day.  

Fortunately, everything went perfectly.  No flight delays.  All checked luggage arrived safely.  The shuttle made it to the ferry terminal in that perfect window of time between rushing to buy tickets and being stuck for a looooong amount of time in a small ferry terminal.  And Dan with San Juan Transit has serious skillz in luggage stacking. 

Day 1 of the destination wedding adventure – check.


11 thoughts on “Planes, ferries, and automobiles.

  1. I’m sure it was tough to plan all that traveling, but it looks like fun! Your closest friends and family all gathered together on buses and ferries, almost like a school field trip! :-D

  2. What a beautiful location. My goodness. And I agree with Janelle above—how do you manage to look so collected and stylish on a wedding-related travel day?! I cannot wait to hear the rest!

  3. That looks so stunning! I also love all the acts of kindness going on throughout the trip. It made me get a big smile on my face seeing the generosity of others in action!

  4. We kept moving the whole time, never time to be bored, and each connection fell into to place as planned, it just shows that your attention to detail, does pay off, you are amazing.

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