Our wedding photographer has already posted pictures on the studio blog.  That was fast.  My plan was to share a link to his pro pics after I’d already shared a few pictures with the posts about the trip and wedding. 

Which I could still do.  But I’m too excited.  So I’m sharing now. 

Amy & Kevin {Roche Harbor Resort}

How handsome is that groom?  I’d marry him… 

Do you have a favorite?  Please share!


12 thoughts on “Surprise.

  1. I can’t even describe how much I love the one where you are showing your bridesmaids your dress. Awesome! They are all very beautiful, looks like a great wedding to me!

  2. The photographer was right. Wowzers. You look so beautiful in those pictures! The dress and veil are gorgeous! What a beautiful wedding. :)

  3. The stone wall, the garden walkway, the dance… how do you even choose a favorite?!?!? I also love the one of your girls seeing your dress. Their reactions! gah! Melt my heart. Congrats!!

  4. I die. Seriously. Every one. Except the dress reveal where I look like—-hell I don’t even know what I look like other than ridiculous. You were the perfect, beautiful bride!

  5. GAH! I LOVE that one of your girls seeing you for the first time! Especially your moms (I assume that’s your mom) expression! Also the one of you and Kevin dancing. SUCH gorgeous photos!! You looked stunning!

  6. Hooray! Amazing! Beautiful! I love them, and I am SO happy that you did not wait to share them because I could not wait to see them!!! Handsome groom AND spectacular bride. YAY, YOU!

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  8. Can every single picture be my favorite?! I love the bridesmaids’ dresses!! And your dress. And the rings. And you and your new hubby’s smiling faces! Again, congrats!

  9. AHHHHH! I LOVE THEM ALL!!! Okay so here we go…

    Your bridesmaids reactions to seeing your dress: PERFECT! Oh, I just love that shot! (Also, their dresses are cute too. I like your black and white theme – very classy!)

    The stone wall shot: Super cool! I love that wall for a backdrop and I love the way you guys are posed!

    Your rings – gorgeous! I mean, his is nice too, but I am loving all your bling!

    You guys kissing under the trellis (both but especially the vertical one): Precious! And an artsy photo too.

    You guys dancing: Oh so cute! I love his face! He looks so happy to be holding you. :)

    The shot through the window: Totally looks like a photo from a magazine!

    Also, I love your hair and dress and the sunset and all of it! It’s all just so lovely! You made a GORGEOUS bride, sweet friend! :)

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